Friday, July 20, 2012

Week 24 Pregnancy Update

This week was very half and half for me. It started off with everything from the weather to Lily's virus rapidly improving but then Wednesday it all went to poop with me getting Lily's virus and the weather returning to buggery. There's always next week...right?

Weeks: 24 weeks (13/07 - 19/07) This week has felt like one of the longest weeks in this pregnancy since having morning sickness, a sick household is not fun for anyone, and it just makes everything seem horrible and lengthy.

Bump: My Lovely Baby Bump..che..check it out!! Sorry, couldn't help myself :) This week baby has been moving constantly, his movements are now visible through my clothing. I completely feel low in the carrying-of-my-belly sense, all the weight of baby seems to be much lower than that of what I experienced with pregnancy #1.

Weight gain: I finally had an opportunity to weigh myself and my current weight is 59.7 kilos. My pre-baby weight (for THIS pregnancy) was 50 - 51 kilos, which averages me at 8.7 Kilos of weight gain. I eat (approx) every 2 - 2.5 hours, and have made an effort starting this past week, to eat healthier as giving in ( a little too much) to my sugar cravings has made my skin quite irritated, red and sore.

Symptoms: Apart from cramps in my calf muscle at night time, I am also experiencing heartburn again which I have noticed only occurs after having a cup of coffee, so I am eliminating coffee and hoping that significantly helps. Sleeping at night has also once again become difficult. I start to feel somewhat tired after midnight, before than I am wide awake :(

Maternity Clothes: As I am carrying far lower with baby #2 than I did with Lily my belly is starting to 'appear' at the bottom of my shirts, after some online browsing though I came to two realisations  1/ maternity clothes really need to be a lot more affordable and 2/ it's hard to find patterns or fits of maternity clothes that appeal to me.

I thought it couldn't hurt to check out my local Kmart, and after 15 minutes I had 6 tops for under $30 (yes, that is in TOTAL) what a bargain :) I bought all the tops in a size 10 as the LENGTH of the size 8 weren't going to cover my belly completely.

I bought plain shirts, all in basic colours as I have the accessories in my closet to 'dress them up'.

Baby Buys: I'm a little obsessed I'd say with checking out the baby boy clothes departments now. Sigh* I should no better than to venture into those areas now, I have no control when I see the little board shorts or button-up shirts. SO CUTEEEE!

The first picture below is what I bought this week and the second is baby boy's little 'collection' that's starting to take form :) I don't find my local Kmart's baby section all that enticing compared to other stores, however they always have SUPER affordable buys with baby clothing. The type of buys you'd spend $10-15 more on for the exact same thing, in other stores (if not more)

Stretch Marks: I honestly am so confused as to whether I have any new stretch marks right now or not. My skin (due to baby having a massive growth spurt) is very blotchy for the most part, so it's not the easiest thing in the world seeing if I have new marks or not, and to be honest, I can think of 100 things I'd rather be doing than looking for stretch marks.

Sleep Status: Blllaahhh! I am wanting to nap at around 3:30 in the afternoon, which doesn't eventuate to me actually napping thanks to my inability to get comfortable and fear that Lily will draw on my face while I am sleeping ha ha. I only begin to feel tired after midnight, so to combat this and regain some normality in my sleep I am trying to cut out any sugar or caffeine after 6:00 p.m

 Lily 'building a sandcastle' with the help of 'her' digger ha ha.

Mood: *overexaggerated* ugghhhhhhhhh. When you haven't been sick in a very long time, being sick again suddenly feels like there is no tomorrow in sight. I have been trying to keep upbeat and energetic but...yeah..... that's not happening all that much right now sorry to say.

Highlight of the week: Before getting sick the weather was beautiful so Lily and I both went to the local park and she had a blast, I loved soaking up some rare sun and just relaxing while Lily wore herself out. After the park we came home and both had a nap. That doesn't sound like the most exciting day ever but it really was just a no-fuss content and happy filled day :)

So that's my week 24 pregnancy update :) Hopefully week 25 I am a little more healthier and upbeat

Until Next Time,

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