Friday, July 13, 2012

Week 23 Pregnancy Update

Baby Brain week!! I honestly have to set reminders on my phone or I will forget things now. I go to the store..forget why I went there, constantly remind myself to buy Bio-Oil, continue to forget, continue to freak out about getting stretch marks because I keep forgetting about Bio-Oil. Argh!

Weeks: 23 Weeks (06-07-2012 - 12-07-2012)  Such a great week as I am feeling the baby kick so much more now. It's not just jabs anymore or butterflies, I feel him wriggling around and turning about.
Bump: I got a pimple on my belly this week :( waaaa. That probably sounds petty but although it was tiny it caused a bit of pain. I'd say it was due to applying moisturizers and oils then putting my clothes straight on...I need to allow my skin to breathe more, if only the weather wasn't so cold.

 Does this pregnancy make my face look fat ;)

I DIY cut off most of the orange ends of my hair this week and WA-LA healthier looking hair :)

Weight Gain: I had to take Lily to the doctors today and while I was there I noticed there was scales..I thought..would it be really weird if I just go hop on those scales, I opted not to and have been regretting it since. Damn you not-wanting-to-make-a-doctors-visit-awkward!
Symptoms: Itchy Belly!! :( that and not being able to get comfortable. I think baby is up near my ribs again or something, as he grows I understand the breathlessness and discomfort worsens so I can't really complain all that much...oh wait, yes I can :) lol
Maternity Clothes: Ah-HA! Okay, so I didn't purchase these myself they were a gift buuutttt still counts!! I got brought my first brand new pair of maternity pants (well they're like thick jeggings) and I am LOVING them!! Although I have to admit, they were sliding down a tad today but they are SOOOO comfy

Baby Buys: YAY! Baby buys! Adhering to our plans for buying the bulk of baby's stuff next month and in September I only purchased 1 outfit this week although I originally had 5 in my hand. Although I also picked up from GumTree (online swap/buy/sell store) our pram and so far I am in love with it!! I will do a review of it very soon :)

How cute is this little jumpsuit and shirt combo?!?

$20 from Target (20% off sale)

Stretch Marks: No new stretch marks. I almost had a meltdown cry when I thought I had found a 'herd' of stretch marks on my birthmark but they turned out to be dry skin patches. I have mentioned prior that I have a few existing stretch marks from pregnancy #1 so I'm not sure why some new ones would really phase me (most likely just sensitive pregnancy hormones) I think possibly because I didn't get them on my belly last time it'd be a shock to get them this time around.
Sleep Status:   I can no longer have my pregnant lady naps as I just can't seem to get comfortable during the day :( Sleep has been pretty crapola in general at the moment as I am also having really vivid dreams at night again, some of them leave me awake feeling scared and horrible so hoping they go away soon.

My poor little munchkin is still sick (and a bit cranky) but still manages a smile for mumma x

Mood:  Exhausted! Sorry to sound like Sadie Sadface (yes, I made that up just then) but this week has just been hectic with lots of cleaning and catch-up on clothes washing (which I oddly enough don't mind doing) that I really feel exhausted. I am excited for next week as everything will be back to normal, holidays are awesome, however coming back and playing catch ups is very tiring for this mumma bear.

Highlight of the Week: To be honest this week was really hectic, as Lily is sick I went around and cleaned the house the day after we got home to try and help get her better a lot quicker, we've been very housebound this week especially due to the cold weather so nothing super exciting to report. I'd have to say the biggest highlight is that I not only feel the baby moving a lot more but I am seeing it also now which I am so excited about :) I can't wait until Luke is able to see it too, I find it to be one of those truly special times during pregnancy that put the heartburn and disrupted sleep out of mind.

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