Friday, July 6, 2012

Week 22 Pregnancy Update

These weeks are just powering through! Ive started to look at prams, baby capsules etc. We gave/ sold most of Lily's baby items over the last 2 years, but it is SO EXCITING looking at everything baby again! Makes it all seem more real (incase my huge baby bump didn't already)
Weeks: 22 Weeks (29-06-2012 - 05-07-2012) Possibly my favorite week so far!
Bump: I am officially down to wearing stretch waisted jeans. My SIL gave me some Belly Bands to try, which I was super excited about, but...FAIL, my 'normal' jeans didn't go up past my thighs haha.

I feel very much front heavy this time around.

Weight Gain: Um...6 kilos still? Not too sure, but will definetly know soon :)
Symptoms: One thing I still have that I am absolutely NOT thankful for, is my breathlessness. Now that baby is getting bigger, I feel like he's pushing up into my chest cavity (think a tight belt around your chest) it's not a constant feeling but when it's there, I know about it.

Dinner with the family! THIS WAS SO YUM!!!

Maternity Clothes: The only 'Maternity' thing I got this week, wasn't actually something I bought myself BUT it didnt turn out as expected either... Belly Bands (nifty contraptions that help pregnant ladies wear their normal jeans whilst having their button undone without shame) well there's no shame in having your button undone...but if you're like me and can't get your jeans skinny jeans past your thigh's best to just laugh about it.

Baby Wishlist: Forgive my sounding like a bratty child, but I WANT SO MUCH! Ha ha, this week I have been looking at 3 main things: A baby capsule, A stroller (with detachable toddler seat) and bassinet. Argh! I love baby shopping! (Or so far, online wishful thinking shopping.)

Baby Buys: I didn't actually buy this myself, my awesome bestie Caitlin bought baby the cutest little outfit (pictured below.) He's going to look SO cute! Argh!! Love baby boys clothes right now. She also bought him some snuggle blankets and socks, he's first little outfit!!

Stretch Marks: Nivea Deep Moisturizer AND Bio Oil, I have upped my usage of both to 3 times a day now (you know, just incase.) My skin has been extra itchy this week which prompted the usage to spill over into midday aswell as morning and night. No new stretch marks, just soft skin so far. 
Sleep Status:  My little Lily is battling a cold at the moment, so with her nose blocked she's begun snoring. It's extremely cute, but also really loud so right now, my sleep isn't smooth sailing but we are coping.

Digging the denim ;)

Mood:  I am SO happy this week! Luke came down from his work to spend the weekend with us and we just had the best time. Nothing spectacular really, just quality time. We got to take Lily to a special screening of Cars 2 and once again she behaved herself :)

Highlight of the Week: Having Luke here for 4 days annnnnd him getting to feel the baby kick! He's felt a little movement prior but not anything strong like how baby moves now, so it was a very AW kind of moment. Also being able to catch up with my family and friends whilst I am on holidays has been amazing! It's a great time in my pregnancy to be able to mingle a lot and not feel tired or too belly heavy.
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