Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My Organized Closet: How I got it!

I really believe that having your closet organized not only saves you loads of time throughout the year but also it potentially saves you hundreds on your budget by minimizing spending on items you already have/ don't need/ will never wear :) These are tips on how I organize my own closet.

Step 1: Confront your wardrobe - break the hoarding cycle

I've tried to simplify this step as much as I can, but it's a very informative post :)

- We all have different reasons why things are in our closet that we know we will never wear, but if you want a more organized closet than most of this stuff will probably be going. If you haven't worn an item within the last 6 months (12 at absolute maximum) then you need to decide whether you want to sell it for extra $$ (online is a great and generally free way) or give it to charity, that's up to you.
- You're not a horrible person if you don't hold onto Bridesmaid dress, you're jut

Step 2: Find YOUR Style!

I don't know about you but I have fallen into the trap of loving the style of a celebrity, then trying to dress like her and it turning out horrible because I have a completely different body shape. This has resulted in clothes being purchased that I never wear, but never get rid of (see Step 1).

Find your personal style and use your closet to compliment it! Once you know the type of style that is very much you, work with it to give yourself a massive confidence boost. If it's easier for you, why not write down a list of words that describe you such as: fun, colourful, adventurous etc. Then match your style with those words (think bright colours, bold prints etc.)

This step again frees up more money for you to invest in clothes you would love to wear but never thought you could afford!!

Step 3: Maximise Space

Remember step 1: Vaccum Seal bags. This step also allows you to maximise the space you have, I'm sure we'd all like a bigger closet (and budget to match) but maximising what space we do have is much more realisitc. I have another post about Wardrobe Organization that offers tools and products to help maximise your space. Click HERE for that post. Step 4 really is about making the most of what little or big space you have been granted.

Step 4: Draw up a Layout

It's a very smart idea to come up with a layout for your newly organised wardrobe. Below is the image I drew up on Microsoft Paint (you can just draw it with good ol' Pen and Paper) to illustrate my NEW closet organisation.

This step really does carrying on from Step 3 of Maximising Space, when you draw a layout it allows you to clearly see the space that is in YOUR closet and the placements available for YOUR clothes.
It'll will save you possibly hours (maybe even days) of your life looking for items, think about the time you could use to sleep in more do other things :)

Did you find this helpful at all? How do you tackle your closet? Are you a colour coder or just a chuck it all in there type? Let me know in the comments below :)
Until Next Time,

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