Thursday, July 19, 2012

Lust Have It: June Product Review



Lon Vitalite 24K Active Golden Yulan Oil Facial Mask (1 pair sample)
5 pack: RRP $59.00

I haven't tested the two masks out yet as my skin just hasn't been up to par lately so I haven't wanted to further irritate it with a mask. Once I do test them however I will update this post with the full review of them both.
Lon Vitalite 24K Active Gold Full Eye Mask (1 pair sample)
5 pack: RRP $45.00

Once again: I haven't tested either mask yet due to my skin being irritated lately. I will update the post with the full review once my skin has settled down.

Batiste- Blush Dry Shampoo (travel sized sample)
150 ml: RRP $9.95

Love or Loath?
  • I love this product. A lot of reviews on this particular dry shampoo comment on the scent, but to be honest I don't really notice the scent when I apply it, which is nice as I don't want it to overpower other scents I may be wearing.
  • It's easy to apply (just don't spray it too closely to your scalp...think grey looking hair and lots of powder residue) and all round is a winner on my list of hair products to try.
Would you purchase it? Yes. I have purchased this prior and was just as happy with the results as I am now. It's affordable and effective, also the availability of it (your local supermarket or Priceline will have it handy) makes it even easier for everyone to be able to purchase and have on hand.

Were you satisfied with the results? Yes! I have learnt not to spray it too close to my hairline after having a powder blow out haha, but really the results are there. Dry shampoo helps absorb the oils/ greasiness your hair gets whether it be due to product build up or just dirty hair in general.

Bloom Shade & Line 3 in 1 (Full sized)
RRP $19.95

Love or Loath?
  • Love. I want to mention though, I am still confused as to what colour exactly this is. I tested it on my hand and it looks black, but just looking at the applicator tip it looks dark blue...whatever the case dark blue or black, I am a fan of it and have been using it a lot since receiving it.
Would you purchase it? 
  • No. This may be surprising as I just said I loved the product (which I do) but it can get messy during application if you don't take care. I lean more towards precision pens as I have mastered in the last year a steady hand for applying a straight line.
  • Also, the inbuilt eyeshadow applicator can be a bit..'heavy' when it comes to applying and doesn't seem to want to spread across the eyelid very smoothly.

Were you satisfied with the results? For the most part I am yes :) It is the perfect companion for a smokey eye look or a thick wing however in relation to precision I would recommend the assistance of a cotton tip to help give you a more defined line, as alone it can be a smudge fest (should that not be what you are hoping to achieve).

Marc Jacobs Lola (Sample)
50 ml: RRP $120.00

Love or Loath?
  • Loath. I made notes of this in my previous product review, my reason for not loving it is purely based on the type of perfume that it is: Floral. While I don't love it for myself, I wouldn't at all say to not try it if floral scents are your style.
Would you purchase it?
  • No. See above point. 
Chloe L'Eau de Chloe (Sample)
30 ml: RRP $80.00

Love or Loath?
  • This scent is a very feminine scent and while I don't like it due to the floral nature, I would recommend this to you if your style is very feminine, light and fresh.
Would you purchase it?
  • No. See above point. 

This review is a lot shorter than my usual Lust Have It/ Glossybox reviews but as I haven't tested out the masks just yet I didn't want to 'predict' what I may think of it thus giving you misleading information. I will however update this very post when I have had the opportunity to test them out :)

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