Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fashionably Fragrant

I'm a very indescisive person. Well, even saying that I start to think...am I really though? Whether you know me personally or simply from reading my blog, you may recall I haven't changed my perfume choice ...ever! Yes, I have worn the same perfume for the last 7 years and I have decided (or am still on the fence) that I will be no longer using this perfume.

I honestly don't know if it is because I am so indescisive OR that I really love the scent of my current perfume (you can see where being indescisive gets very tricky) so it has taken me 7 years I think, just to acknowledge I MAY need to change up my scent.

My go-to/ only perfume that I wear is: Hilary Duff: With Love. I love everything about the perfume, the scent, the bottle but as much as I love the scent I also know that it's time to say au revoir to Hilary and let a new friend into my life.

But where do I start? Firstly these are things I DON'T want in a perfume:

- an overly floral scent: I don't mind it on others but I just never have favoured it.
- something that smells like toilet airfreshner (think lavender, citrus etc.)
- something I have to apply copious amounts of just to smell it
- a scent that is overpowering

I have been recommended the following two so far, both of which I have never tested but definetly will be trying:

Vera Wang: Princess

Image via Google

Beyoncé's: Heat

Image via Google

I should note I don't mind splurging more than usual on a perfume if it truly is amazing, as I just feel like it becomes you, that scent is what people will remember you by (amongst other things I'm sure).

I intend to wait until after I have the baby before I purchase a new scent though, just incase my tastes in perfume changes, this also gives me heaps of time to do countless samples etc.

What's your must-have scent? Feel free to share it in the comments :)

Until next time,

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