Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Comfort, Style... & Pregnancy?

 Every woman has their own take on pregnancy and the fashion or lack of that comes with our expanding bump (not to mention the rest of the body.) I don't class myself as a veteran of pregnancy (this is only baby #2) but this time around, knowing what to expect in the general sense, I was able to prepare my wardrobe (and budget) a lot easier.

With my first pregnancy, the only maternity item that I purchased was a nursing bra, yep, that's all I bought. My pre-pregnancy wardrobe took a major beating, leaving the majority of my wardrobe to be discard post-pregnancy.  I wasn't trying to be cheap by not purchasing maternity clothes, I just  found 'maternity range' quite intimidating, not me at all and ridiculously expensive in general.

Rocking the bump this past month. Poor Lily's head is hidden :(

This time around I was prepared! I knew it wasn't just my belly that would stretch (bum/hips/thighs are target points too) so I went about preparing my my wardrobe whenever possible. I invested in clothes that would last me through this pregnancy and after (granted I'm not sick of seeing them by that point haha)

 Below is a list of my top 10 staple items that have made me feel both comfortable & stylish :)

My Top 10 Staple Items:

1/ Plain, round-neck, thick strap singlets (in a size M for added length)
2/ Plain black Leggings (size S)
3/ Summer cloth, long sleeve shirts (in a size M for added length)
4/ Hipster/ flowing skirts (these sit perfectly underneath the bump without cutting off circulation)
5/ Cargo Pants! (size S)
6/ Ballet Flats! Comfortable and practical (also easy to dress up)
7/ V-neck plain t-shirts (size M for added length and room for baby bump)
8/ Throw over cardigans (non-maternity is perfectly fine)
9/ Elasticised Denim Jeans (lasted me until 6 months pregnant)
10/ Accessories!!! Think simplicity like a watch, a bracelet or a necklace (or 5) it makes you feel more dressed up in whatever you're wearing (well it worked for me) and can take a simple block coloured singlet to a fancier level.

I have just ordered 3 Maternity Pants from bebekmaternity which including shipping totalled $52.80 (that's amazing, for maternity wear) as they are having a closing down sale. If you want to check our their website just click here there's MASSIVE reductions but hurry as they close on the 31st of July.

I will post photos and a review of the pants once I have received them :) and no I don't get paid to talk about them, I am just legitimately excited about it! So there you have it, comfortable and supportive bras and underwear also help ;) ha ha.

Until Next Time,

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