Friday, July 27, 2012

Week 25 Pregnancy Update

Every time another week passes I feel that little big more huge, however week 25 brought a whole new feeling to this. Tops and pants that comfortably covered this pregnant lady's bumps and lumps are now struggling this week. I'm awaiting the arrival of some new maternity pants and honestly, they better arrive really soon as I am all out of other options.

Weeks: 25 weeks (20/07 - 26/07) What a week! Stretchy pants are no longer...stretching, and my belly really has started getting..large. I am definitely looking and feeling like I don't have that much longer to go until baby arrives.

Bump: Low and heavvvyyy. My baby bump was completely different with Lily, I was a lot higher (as the old wives tale goes with girls) and the weight of the bump felt distributed more evenly. This pregnancy has been low carrying and feeling like he's jumping on my bladder every 2 minutes..ha..ha .*sigh..


Weight gain: My weight this week has been around 60 Kilos. So I've finally pushed over the 50's and am onto the 60's. I'm 5' 7 and as far as weight gain and health are concerned with this pregnancy I am right on target :)

Symptoms: Sorry if TMI but my boobs this week have been really sore along with having mild backache. These two things have gone hand in hand this week and I will be glad to be rid of them. My eating has also spiked a lot so I have bought more fruit to snack on in between meals :)

Maternity Clothes: I purchased 3 pants from Bebekmaternity and including postage it came to $52.80 which I think is AWESOME! They are closing down on the 31st of this month so make sure you check them out if you are needing some pants/ tops/ dresses. I am at the point now, where it really is a struggle to find clothes that have the ability not to climb back up my belly. The T-Shirts I bought from Kmart last week have been a saviour!!

Baby Buys: YAY! We have put on layby baby's cot, drawers and change table. I love the option of layby as we can still have the items we absolutely love for baby without the instant cost. I looked around online and in stores, comparing cost and quality etc. So I am really really ecstatic to have found the perfect set, a huge plus is that they deliver it to your door :D
(had to include this adorable picture of Lily with her 'brutha')

Stretch Marks: No new stretch marks to report, I have almost run out of my moisturizer so I will be grabbing some more Bio-Oil and possibly some Palmers Lotion for Stretch Marks tomorrow. I haven't gone a day this whole pregnancy without applying Lotions/ Oils and whether it works or not (largely it's genetic apparently whether you get them or not) at least I have very soft skin :)
Sleep Status: Sleeping is still a huge problem :( I'm tired at around 10:30 pm but just can't seem to fall asleep until midnight, then morning is a huge struggle to wake up and get motivated. It's not to do with diet etc at this point it's all thanks to my lovely baby bump and the inability to find a comfortable spot on the bed.

Mood: Unmotivated. Don't confuse this with laziness though, I am constantly having to motivate myself to do even the simplest things lately and I put this down to lack of sleep. I have gone for 2 walks this week (doesn't sound like a lot but it was quite the feat for a very tired pregnant lady) and I think the fresh/ slightly cold air, along with taking Shen and Lily along got me more motivated. I am hoping to be feeling a lot more energetic in weeks to come...we will see.

Highlight of the week: This may sound..shallow, but my face has started to clear of all blemishes/ redness/ dry skin this week and I really find that to be a HUGE highlight! Throughout this pregnancy if it hasn't been hormonal acne it's been redness on my chin and cheeks, this really hasn't been fun to deal with (amongst the other symptoms) so for my face to be looking a lot clearer and smoother makes me super happy :)  

Also I got my July Lust Have It Bag (see picture below) and one of the products was from baby feet (natural feet exfoliate) I am SO excited to see if this actually works as my feet and legs are super dry thanks to this 'lovely' winter weather.

That sums up the week 25 of this pregnancy :)

Until Next Time,

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Comfort, Style... & Pregnancy?

 Every woman has their own take on pregnancy and the fashion or lack of that comes with our expanding bump (not to mention the rest of the body.) I don't class myself as a veteran of pregnancy (this is only baby #2) but this time around, knowing what to expect in the general sense, I was able to prepare my wardrobe (and budget) a lot easier.

With my first pregnancy, the only maternity item that I purchased was a nursing bra, yep, that's all I bought. My pre-pregnancy wardrobe took a major beating, leaving the majority of my wardrobe to be discard post-pregnancy.  I wasn't trying to be cheap by not purchasing maternity clothes, I just  found 'maternity range' quite intimidating, not me at all and ridiculously expensive in general.

Rocking the bump this past month. Poor Lily's head is hidden :(

This time around I was prepared! I knew it wasn't just my belly that would stretch (bum/hips/thighs are target points too) so I went about preparing my my wardrobe whenever possible. I invested in clothes that would last me through this pregnancy and after (granted I'm not sick of seeing them by that point haha)

 Below is a list of my top 10 staple items that have made me feel both comfortable & stylish :)

My Top 10 Staple Items:

1/ Plain, round-neck, thick strap singlets (in a size M for added length)
2/ Plain black Leggings (size S)
3/ Summer cloth, long sleeve shirts (in a size M for added length)
4/ Hipster/ flowing skirts (these sit perfectly underneath the bump without cutting off circulation)
5/ Cargo Pants! (size S)
6/ Ballet Flats! Comfortable and practical (also easy to dress up)
7/ V-neck plain t-shirts (size M for added length and room for baby bump)
8/ Throw over cardigans (non-maternity is perfectly fine)
9/ Elasticised Denim Jeans (lasted me until 6 months pregnant)
10/ Accessories!!! Think simplicity like a watch, a bracelet or a necklace (or 5) it makes you feel more dressed up in whatever you're wearing (well it worked for me) and can take a simple block coloured singlet to a fancier level.

I have just ordered 3 Maternity Pants from bebekmaternity which including shipping totalled $52.80 (that's amazing, for maternity wear) as they are having a closing down sale. If you want to check our their website just click here there's MASSIVE reductions but hurry as they close on the 31st of July.

I will post photos and a review of the pants once I have received them :) and no I don't get paid to talk about them, I am just legitimately excited about it! So there you have it, comfortable and supportive bras and underwear also help ;) ha ha.

Until Next Time,

Friday, July 20, 2012

Week 24 Pregnancy Update

This week was very half and half for me. It started off with everything from the weather to Lily's virus rapidly improving but then Wednesday it all went to poop with me getting Lily's virus and the weather returning to buggery. There's always next week...right?

Weeks: 24 weeks (13/07 - 19/07) This week has felt like one of the longest weeks in this pregnancy since having morning sickness, a sick household is not fun for anyone, and it just makes everything seem horrible and lengthy.

Bump: My Lovely Baby Bump..che..check it out!! Sorry, couldn't help myself :) This week baby has been moving constantly, his movements are now visible through my clothing. I completely feel low in the carrying-of-my-belly sense, all the weight of baby seems to be much lower than that of what I experienced with pregnancy #1.

Weight gain: I finally had an opportunity to weigh myself and my current weight is 59.7 kilos. My pre-baby weight (for THIS pregnancy) was 50 - 51 kilos, which averages me at 8.7 Kilos of weight gain. I eat (approx) every 2 - 2.5 hours, and have made an effort starting this past week, to eat healthier as giving in ( a little too much) to my sugar cravings has made my skin quite irritated, red and sore.

Symptoms: Apart from cramps in my calf muscle at night time, I am also experiencing heartburn again which I have noticed only occurs after having a cup of coffee, so I am eliminating coffee and hoping that significantly helps. Sleeping at night has also once again become difficult. I start to feel somewhat tired after midnight, before than I am wide awake :(

Maternity Clothes: As I am carrying far lower with baby #2 than I did with Lily my belly is starting to 'appear' at the bottom of my shirts, after some online browsing though I came to two realisations  1/ maternity clothes really need to be a lot more affordable and 2/ it's hard to find patterns or fits of maternity clothes that appeal to me.

I thought it couldn't hurt to check out my local Kmart, and after 15 minutes I had 6 tops for under $30 (yes, that is in TOTAL) what a bargain :) I bought all the tops in a size 10 as the LENGTH of the size 8 weren't going to cover my belly completely.

I bought plain shirts, all in basic colours as I have the accessories in my closet to 'dress them up'.

Baby Buys: I'm a little obsessed I'd say with checking out the baby boy clothes departments now. Sigh* I should no better than to venture into those areas now, I have no control when I see the little board shorts or button-up shirts. SO CUTEEEE!

The first picture below is what I bought this week and the second is baby boy's little 'collection' that's starting to take form :) I don't find my local Kmart's baby section all that enticing compared to other stores, however they always have SUPER affordable buys with baby clothing. The type of buys you'd spend $10-15 more on for the exact same thing, in other stores (if not more)

Stretch Marks: I honestly am so confused as to whether I have any new stretch marks right now or not. My skin (due to baby having a massive growth spurt) is very blotchy for the most part, so it's not the easiest thing in the world seeing if I have new marks or not, and to be honest, I can think of 100 things I'd rather be doing than looking for stretch marks.

Sleep Status: Blllaahhh! I am wanting to nap at around 3:30 in the afternoon, which doesn't eventuate to me actually napping thanks to my inability to get comfortable and fear that Lily will draw on my face while I am sleeping ha ha. I only begin to feel tired after midnight, so to combat this and regain some normality in my sleep I am trying to cut out any sugar or caffeine after 6:00 p.m

 Lily 'building a sandcastle' with the help of 'her' digger ha ha.

Mood: *overexaggerated* ugghhhhhhhhh. When you haven't been sick in a very long time, being sick again suddenly feels like there is no tomorrow in sight. I have been trying to keep upbeat and energetic but...yeah..... that's not happening all that much right now sorry to say.

Highlight of the week: Before getting sick the weather was beautiful so Lily and I both went to the local park and she had a blast, I loved soaking up some rare sun and just relaxing while Lily wore herself out. After the park we came home and both had a nap. That doesn't sound like the most exciting day ever but it really was just a no-fuss content and happy filled day :)

So that's my week 24 pregnancy update :) Hopefully week 25 I am a little more healthier and upbeat

Until Next Time,

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Lust Have It: June Product Review



Lon Vitalite 24K Active Golden Yulan Oil Facial Mask (1 pair sample)
5 pack: RRP $59.00

I haven't tested the two masks out yet as my skin just hasn't been up to par lately so I haven't wanted to further irritate it with a mask. Once I do test them however I will update this post with the full review of them both.
Lon Vitalite 24K Active Gold Full Eye Mask (1 pair sample)
5 pack: RRP $45.00

Once again: I haven't tested either mask yet due to my skin being irritated lately. I will update the post with the full review once my skin has settled down.

Batiste- Blush Dry Shampoo (travel sized sample)
150 ml: RRP $9.95

Love or Loath?
  • I love this product. A lot of reviews on this particular dry shampoo comment on the scent, but to be honest I don't really notice the scent when I apply it, which is nice as I don't want it to overpower other scents I may be wearing.
  • It's easy to apply (just don't spray it too closely to your scalp...think grey looking hair and lots of powder residue) and all round is a winner on my list of hair products to try.
Would you purchase it? Yes. I have purchased this prior and was just as happy with the results as I am now. It's affordable and effective, also the availability of it (your local supermarket or Priceline will have it handy) makes it even easier for everyone to be able to purchase and have on hand.

Were you satisfied with the results? Yes! I have learnt not to spray it too close to my hairline after having a powder blow out haha, but really the results are there. Dry shampoo helps absorb the oils/ greasiness your hair gets whether it be due to product build up or just dirty hair in general.

Bloom Shade & Line 3 in 1 (Full sized)
RRP $19.95

Love or Loath?
  • Love. I want to mention though, I am still confused as to what colour exactly this is. I tested it on my hand and it looks black, but just looking at the applicator tip it looks dark blue...whatever the case dark blue or black, I am a fan of it and have been using it a lot since receiving it.
Would you purchase it? 
  • No. This may be surprising as I just said I loved the product (which I do) but it can get messy during application if you don't take care. I lean more towards precision pens as I have mastered in the last year a steady hand for applying a straight line.
  • Also, the inbuilt eyeshadow applicator can be a bit..'heavy' when it comes to applying and doesn't seem to want to spread across the eyelid very smoothly.

Were you satisfied with the results? For the most part I am yes :) It is the perfect companion for a smokey eye look or a thick wing however in relation to precision I would recommend the assistance of a cotton tip to help give you a more defined line, as alone it can be a smudge fest (should that not be what you are hoping to achieve).

Marc Jacobs Lola (Sample)
50 ml: RRP $120.00

Love or Loath?
  • Loath. I made notes of this in my previous product review, my reason for not loving it is purely based on the type of perfume that it is: Floral. While I don't love it for myself, I wouldn't at all say to not try it if floral scents are your style.
Would you purchase it?
  • No. See above point. 
Chloe L'Eau de Chloe (Sample)
30 ml: RRP $80.00

Love or Loath?
  • This scent is a very feminine scent and while I don't like it due to the floral nature, I would recommend this to you if your style is very feminine, light and fresh.
Would you purchase it?
  • No. See above point. 

This review is a lot shorter than my usual Lust Have It/ Glossybox reviews but as I haven't tested out the masks just yet I didn't want to 'predict' what I may think of it thus giving you misleading information. I will however update this very post when I have had the opportunity to test them out :)

Until Next Time,

Monday, July 16, 2012

DIY Manicure at home

Going to a nail salon for weekly manicures isn't something that fits into my life right now, but that doesn't mean I can't show off some beautifully manicured nai

Before & After Shot of My Nails


1/ Firstly I remove all my old nail polish, preferrably I'd do this with nail polish remover on cotton balls but this time I didn't have any cotton balls so I used Cotton Tips instead (much more tedious.)
My top tip for this, especially if using Cotton tips is to work down from your cuticle upwards, to stop your existing nail polish smudging onto your skin.
2/ Cut nails back with clippers (or scissors) to your preferred length.
3/ File it! I shape my nails by using a nail file and curve out any sharp corners.
4/ Buffer! I lightly buff my nails to remove along any grit or bumps.
5/ I don't cut my cuticles, instead I just genetly push them down with a cuticle remover.

6/ I like to apply my hand cream on (that apparently smells like orange dishwashing liquid) and let it soak in for a little while. This helps combat the drying effect that the nail polish remover has on your skin.
7/ Details! If you don't want your nail polish looking messy, it's a good idea to give your nails a once over and make sure there is no remains of the old nail polish and that your skin isn't stained from it either.
8/ Base it! I use Sally Hansen: Diamond Strength. Diamond Shine (you can pick this up from BIG W, your local supermarket, Kmart or even Target). I then let this dry completley.
9/ I like to apply one coat of Nail Polish (I used Revlon 190 Strawberry Electric) to each nail, then go back to the start and apply the second coat. This allows me to give each nail that extra bit of care to avoid smudges. Then wait for the second coat to dry.
10/ Top it off! Again I am using Sally Hansen: Diamond Strength. Diamond Shine for this. Avoid using too much top coat as it'll take your nails much longer to dry, with the risk of your nails smudging still high even after they've set.

It wouldn't be the same without Lily getting her nails done too, luckily she has outgrown her 'need' to bite her nails now.

Until Next Time,

Friday, July 13, 2012

Week 23 Pregnancy Update

Baby Brain week!! I honestly have to set reminders on my phone or I will forget things now. I go to the store..forget why I went there, constantly remind myself to buy Bio-Oil, continue to forget, continue to freak out about getting stretch marks because I keep forgetting about Bio-Oil. Argh!

Weeks: 23 Weeks (06-07-2012 - 12-07-2012)  Such a great week as I am feeling the baby kick so much more now. It's not just jabs anymore or butterflies, I feel him wriggling around and turning about.
Bump: I got a pimple on my belly this week :( waaaa. That probably sounds petty but although it was tiny it caused a bit of pain. I'd say it was due to applying moisturizers and oils then putting my clothes straight on...I need to allow my skin to breathe more, if only the weather wasn't so cold.

 Does this pregnancy make my face look fat ;)

I DIY cut off most of the orange ends of my hair this week and WA-LA healthier looking hair :)

Weight Gain: I had to take Lily to the doctors today and while I was there I noticed there was scales..I thought..would it be really weird if I just go hop on those scales, I opted not to and have been regretting it since. Damn you not-wanting-to-make-a-doctors-visit-awkward!
Symptoms: Itchy Belly!! :( that and not being able to get comfortable. I think baby is up near my ribs again or something, as he grows I understand the breathlessness and discomfort worsens so I can't really complain all that much...oh wait, yes I can :) lol
Maternity Clothes: Ah-HA! Okay, so I didn't purchase these myself they were a gift buuutttt still counts!! I got brought my first brand new pair of maternity pants (well they're like thick jeggings) and I am LOVING them!! Although I have to admit, they were sliding down a tad today but they are SOOOO comfy

Baby Buys: YAY! Baby buys! Adhering to our plans for buying the bulk of baby's stuff next month and in September I only purchased 1 outfit this week although I originally had 5 in my hand. Although I also picked up from GumTree (online swap/buy/sell store) our pram and so far I am in love with it!! I will do a review of it very soon :)

How cute is this little jumpsuit and shirt combo?!?

$20 from Target (20% off sale)

Stretch Marks: No new stretch marks. I almost had a meltdown cry when I thought I had found a 'herd' of stretch marks on my birthmark but they turned out to be dry skin patches. I have mentioned prior that I have a few existing stretch marks from pregnancy #1 so I'm not sure why some new ones would really phase me (most likely just sensitive pregnancy hormones) I think possibly because I didn't get them on my belly last time it'd be a shock to get them this time around.
Sleep Status:   I can no longer have my pregnant lady naps as I just can't seem to get comfortable during the day :( Sleep has been pretty crapola in general at the moment as I am also having really vivid dreams at night again, some of them leave me awake feeling scared and horrible so hoping they go away soon.

My poor little munchkin is still sick (and a bit cranky) but still manages a smile for mumma x

Mood:  Exhausted! Sorry to sound like Sadie Sadface (yes, I made that up just then) but this week has just been hectic with lots of cleaning and catch-up on clothes washing (which I oddly enough don't mind doing) that I really feel exhausted. I am excited for next week as everything will be back to normal, holidays are awesome, however coming back and playing catch ups is very tiring for this mumma bear.

Highlight of the Week: To be honest this week was really hectic, as Lily is sick I went around and cleaned the house the day after we got home to try and help get her better a lot quicker, we've been very housebound this week especially due to the cold weather so nothing super exciting to report. I'd have to say the biggest highlight is that I not only feel the baby moving a lot more but I am seeing it also now which I am so excited about :) I can't wait until Luke is able to see it too, I find it to be one of those truly special times during pregnancy that put the heartburn and disrupted sleep out of mind.

Until Next Time,

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I've got Knits!! (Knitted wear that is)

I broke my own number 1 budget rule today. Avoid walking into random clothes stores having ridiculous looking sales on!

I had gone to the shops to get some Maternity Bra's from Target...FAIL! I got distracted by Miller's having a sale, had some lunch, window shopped for a little while then still no maternity bra's :( I must admit I have never shopped in Miller's prior, generally because I don't find anything in my size or taste but they were having a really good sale on their winter wear :)

I purchased two neutral toned heavy-knit cardigans for $15 ea (were $39.95 ea) I got both Knits in a size S (small) and they fit perfect, they're not tight and not loose enough to make you feel frumpy. I seem to be favoring neutral - earthy shades at the moment and am drifting away from my generally pink - green wardrobe so I kept this in mind for my Knitwear choices, this way, although you could class them as 'random' purchases, they still have a place in my wardrobe and I will be able to wear for the next few winters :)

(I'm wearing this one right now! It's UBER comfy!
Fits my bump to perfection & isn't itchy..BONUS!)

( I didn't want to take this one off to be honest! It's a beautiful fit, hugs my bump nicely, doesn't make you feel frumpy and comes in an array of sizes)

Here's how I would/will style them both:

 - Tight-leg jeans, thick black leggings (only because both knitwears go past my bum so there's no big reveal of anything haha or even my new and uber comfy maternity jeggings from Pumpkin Patch to give my body a little more definition that you can sometimes lose with heavy-knit cardigans.
- A large statement necklace in turquoise, white or navy
- Jewelled studs (dangling earrings would annoy me with the high necks)
- My hair in a ballerina bun, messy pony tail or up-do braid (avoid making me look top-heavy with my big knitwear and thick in these photos haha)

Keep an eye out for my updated version of my Organized Closet Post this week also! And of course if pregnancy or bump watch is your thing, remember I will be uploading Week 23 Pregnancy Update at around 10 a.m this Friday and do my weekly updates every Friday around that time also xx

Until Next Time,

My Organized Closet: How I got it!

I really believe that having your closet organized not only saves you loads of time throughout the year but also it potentially saves you hundreds on your budget by minimizing spending on items you already have/ don't need/ will never wear :) These are tips on how I organize my own closet.

Step 1: Confront your wardrobe - break the hoarding cycle

I've tried to simplify this step as much as I can, but it's a very informative post :)

- We all have different reasons why things are in our closet that we know we will never wear, but if you want a more organized closet than most of this stuff will probably be going. If you haven't worn an item within the last 6 months (12 at absolute maximum) then you need to decide whether you want to sell it for extra $$ (online is a great and generally free way) or give it to charity, that's up to you.
- You're not a horrible person if you don't hold onto Bridesmaid dress, you're jut

Step 2: Find YOUR Style!

I don't know about you but I have fallen into the trap of loving the style of a celebrity, then trying to dress like her and it turning out horrible because I have a completely different body shape. This has resulted in clothes being purchased that I never wear, but never get rid of (see Step 1).

Find your personal style and use your closet to compliment it! Once you know the type of style that is very much you, work with it to give yourself a massive confidence boost. If it's easier for you, why not write down a list of words that describe you such as: fun, colourful, adventurous etc. Then match your style with those words (think bright colours, bold prints etc.)

This step again frees up more money for you to invest in clothes you would love to wear but never thought you could afford!!

Step 3: Maximise Space

Remember step 1: Vaccum Seal bags. This step also allows you to maximise the space you have, I'm sure we'd all like a bigger closet (and budget to match) but maximising what space we do have is much more realisitc. I have another post about Wardrobe Organization that offers tools and products to help maximise your space. Click HERE for that post. Step 4 really is about making the most of what little or big space you have been granted.

Step 4: Draw up a Layout

It's a very smart idea to come up with a layout for your newly organised wardrobe. Below is the image I drew up on Microsoft Paint (you can just draw it with good ol' Pen and Paper) to illustrate my NEW closet organisation.

This step really does carrying on from Step 3 of Maximising Space, when you draw a layout it allows you to clearly see the space that is in YOUR closet and the placements available for YOUR clothes.
It'll will save you possibly hours (maybe even days) of your life looking for items, think about the time you could use to sleep in more do other things :)

Did you find this helpful at all? How do you tackle your closet? Are you a colour coder or just a chuck it all in there type? Let me know in the comments below :)
Until Next Time,

Monday, July 9, 2012

Hair Care Routine

Disclaimer: I am NOT a professional hairdresser, this is simply how I care for my hair :)

Hair Type: Thick and curly, generally unruly  Current Condition: Dry and split ends :(

So here's how I combat oily roots, dry ends and keeping my curls bouncy, not flat.

Day 1: The Wash
I have been using for the past month Garnier Fructis: Oily Roots/ Dry Ends in the shampoo and conditioner. I bought them both from my local Coles for under $10 and they are honestly one of the best shampoo and conditioners I have ever used. It doesn't leave my hair flat, just super silky.

I was using Garnier Fructis Nutri-Repair prior to finding their Oily Roots/Dry Ends range

However I just purchased (on special $10 for both from Coles) Schwarzkopf Extra Care Hair Repair with Liquid Keratin: Marrakesh Oil & Coconut as I am looking for some repair to my hair before I make the descision to chop off some of the ends...again.

I like to avoid washing my hair in too hot or cold water and opt for a warm water rinse, I massage both the shampoo and condition really well into my scalp and roots, making sure both are rinsed out completely to avoid product build up in your hair (think flat, yucky feeling hair). I also don't blow dry my hair, I gently towel dry it and then let it air dry. I've found this makes my hair feel a lot healthier.

Day 2: Style Day
Whether I am straightening my hair or leaving it curly, the second day is always the day where I try and do the most with it.

If I am working with my natural curls I will put a Frizz-Ease solution (picture below) through it (lightly) and work a lot of bobby pins in, if I am taming my locks and going for a straighter look (poker straight doesn't suit me too well) I will apply a heat protectant spray and after straightening, work a few pieces of my hair up as right now my layers have grown out so I don't like to leave it all straight down.


Day 3: Pony Tail/ Ballet Bun or Bobby Pin Up Do
This is when my hair isn't as clean feeling as Day 1 or 2 but not yet in need of some dry shampoo. I find this day is the best day for straightening my hair as the natural oils in my hair have started to come out (a bit gross sounding but true) and it makes my hair easier to work with. Since being pregnant though, my go-to hairstyle at the moment is the pony tail, combined with a side braid or high fringe.

Day 4: Dry Shampoo I need you!
My hair is now on it's last day of not being disgustingly oil ravaged but is starting to feel a lot more flat. This day also depends on how much product I have added to my hair prior. Usually it's minimum, but if I have been spraying hair spray, heat protectant, dry shampoo's not as lovely feeling as i'd like and usually if it's too nasty I will wash it.

I'd love to write on here that I apply an intense moisture repair mask twice monthly but that's not the truth, I have purchased leave-in conditioners before and they just left my hair feeling overly heavy. The routine I have for my hair now I am happy with, when tweaks need to occur I will happily include them but for now, this is what works for my long locks.

Hair Flash back to last year:

 My Orange-Ombre Hair
(I realise I am doing UBER duckface, this was on purpose)

After My DIY Home Haircut
Both Straight & Curly Version, it felt A LOT healthier and lighter with some layers :)

So that in a bigger than average nutshell is my Hair Care Routine, I'd love to know if anyone else has a similar or completely different routine.

Until Next Time,


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