Monday, June 4, 2012

Winter Wardrobe: On a Budget

Winter is upon us and it seems as frosty as ever, with only more huddling at the heater to come. 
So here are MY winter essentials and number 1 tip for total wardrobe preparation.

Disclaimer:  I am NOT affiliated with any of the below companies, I don't get paid to tell you about them. I just look for great deals on great items and let you know about them :) 

MY TOP TIP: Visit your existing wardrobe  
Make note of everything that you ALREADY own to avoid random 'wasteful' purchases on items that you already have and didn't need a third or fourth pair of.

#1 Winter Trench Coat: 

Kmart and Target seem to have a great selection of winter/trench coats at an affordable price right now and the quality is surprisingly good. I also spotted a few great coats on sale on the ASOS website which I've put below. 

RRP $170.00 Now $85.00
RRP $390.00 Now $158.10

#2 Quality Jeans: 

Jeans are just something I hate cutting costs on even when I know I don't have very much choice. I've been on the type of budget that only allowed me to purchase $10 Kmart Jeans and after 3 washes they had completely lost shape and made me feel horrible. 
So I've found some good quality jeans on sale, that would be a great investment. 

RRP $79.95 Now $49.95

RRP $79.95 Now $59.95

RRP $79.95 Now $59.95

#3 Boots :

RRP $59.95 Now $48.95

RRP $59.95

#4 Vests! 

These beauties are an amazing wardrobe cost cutter in themselves. Not only can they make a plain long sleeve shirt go from average to 'voom' factor, they also keep your chest area warm and free from the bitter winter chill

RRP $69.00 Now $41.40
#5 Accessories/Necessities

I wanted to finish off with the often forgotten about 'accessories' that can make all the difference between warm or absolutely frozen: head, nose, neck and hands and 
Scarves, Beanies, Gloves!  
You can get great bargains on these at Target, Big W, Kmart etc. They're not costly and are an amazing difference maker for your day :) Just make sure when purchasing scarves you avoid materials that will be irritating to your skin (think wire-woolen types)

That's my top 5 Winter Wardrobe Essentials.
Even if it's not winter where you are at the moment, that's even more reason to have a look around online or in stores for your own winter essentials, as they'll be on clearance sales usually.

Until next time,

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