Saturday, June 30, 2012

Week 21 Pregnancy Update

Only 19 more weeks! This pregnancy, honestly feels like a whirlwind. I've introduced a new title on here called Baby Wishlist. This is similar to a food cravings title, but is for baby items.
Weeks: 21 Weeks (22-06-2012 - 28-06-2012) I feel like ever since 19 weeks my bellys growth just exploded and I have to say, no amount of black could slim this bump back.
Bump: Finding new ways to dress nicely and feel good about what I am wearing is getting a little trickier as my bump continues it's journey outwards. Living out of a suitcase at the moment, probably isn't helping my confidence as the clothes I packed (that fitted me 2 weeks ago) are now struggling to cover my hips.

Weight Gain: I know I said I would be able to tell you my weight gain this week, but I am going to go right ahead and blame my current 'baby brain' for getting my weeks mixed up. I still don't have access to any scales but if I was to estimate I'd say I have gained around 6-7 kilos at this point.
Symptoms: Breathlessness and Heartburn are still hanging about. I would actually rather the heartburn more then the breathlessness at this point :( I still am combating an increase in hair growth and random dry patches of skin on my hip and just below my collar bone, they are the tiniest little marks but I just keep apply moisturizer.

Loving Tim Tam's right now!

Maternity Clothes: I NEED MATERNITY BRAS!! Argh! This is something I have been 'going' to do for way too many weeks of this pregnancy and never do. It's been a little tricky as we've had to accomodate flights back and forth for weddings etc but when things settle a bit, I am definetly getting some bras and maternity pants!!

Baby Wishlist: I'm on the hunt for *drum roll* a diaper bag! I still have the one I used for Lily but it's the size of a large duffle bag, and I plan to use that for both my kiddies (strange to write that) when I take them for play dates etc. I just want something affordable, splatter proof and that caters with lots of pockets!!

Stretch Marks: Paranoia! No new stretch marks but the paranoia of getting them is horrible! As I have mentioned in a few posts before this one, I got a few when I had Lily but not on my stomach. So this time I have kept such a consistent skin care regime, and am constantly massaging my skin.
Sleep Status:  My sleeping has been a little better with the aide of my pillow companion, I just straddle it and fall asleep most nights straight away..that being said, the breathlessness seems to be worse at night so I generally move around (what seems like) 100 times before I wake up the next morning.

Mood:  Very relaxed. I have gone through a lot of changes (financially, emotionally and physcially) this pregnancy and I think I have handled them all really well. I just feel this presence of calm around me, I think I have just gotten to a point where I see the bigger picture, rather than any purpose of stressing myself numb over tiny details that I can't change in life. Don't get me wrong though, I can still get annoyed and quite irritated, but more so I handle things differently.

Sorry about the blur, but couldn't help but share this. 

Highlight of the Week: Two things for me this week. 1 isn't pregnancy related, but anyway I was pregnant at the time. Firstly, I am feeling baby kick more strongly now. It's no longer a flutter in my stomach, it's now been upgraded to quite blunt kicks and jabs, but I don't mind at this point (while he's small) it's a strange but amazing feeling. Second highlight was taking Lily to the Cinemas for her very first time (we went and saw Brave in 3D, great movie!) and she was really well behaved.

Also! I am looking forward to Luke feeling baby kick!
Until Next Time,

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