Friday, June 22, 2012

Week 20 Pregnancy Update: Half Way!!

I had my Maid of Honor Dress altered this week and I was surprised to find I didn't actually need it altered to accommodate my baby bump, it just needed a clasp added! I feel like if I was any bigger though, it would have definitely needed to be taken out.
Weeks: 20  Weeks (15-06-2012 - 22-06-2012) I am beyond excited that I have reached half way! It really does feel like this pregnancy has just gone super quick!!
Bump: My not so little bump has now become my constant companion. Although it seems a daily struggle to find pants accommodating enough for my growing mid section, I take great joy in seeing my bump (especially on 'big bump days') through my clothes.

Weight Gain: I don't know what my weight gain is for week 20 as I don't have scales at the moment and won't until week 21's update.
Symptoms: Breathlessness which has equaled disrupted sleep :( The first hour in bed, trying to get to sleep is horrible as my breathlessness seems amplified at this time, no matter how many pillows I try and use to accommodate my bump. One symptom that has seemingly disappeared is my dislike of sugar or more accurately...CHOCOLATE!! I'm trying to tame the cravings but lately I have been crazy coconuts for Tim Tams.

Taco Tuesday!

Maternity Clothes: I know I say that I am going to be maternity shopping soon A LOT on this blog and never do, BUT next Wednesday (27th) my sister-in-law Jess and I are going shopping and I am purchasing a maternity bra (or 3!) I also might (depending on budget) look at  maternity pants.
Exercise: Honestly this last week of feeling breathlessness and the onset of the flu has made me more unmotivated than ever. I still love getting out of the house and about, but in the terms of actual: Pilate's/Yoga/ going to the gym etc...yeah, that hasn't happened yet.
Stretch Marks: Still no stretch marks, just itchy skin. I ran out of my bio oil this week and haven't had a chance at all to go buy some more, so instead I have been using Nivea Hydrating Moisturizer, which I love as a little goes a long way and it absorbs very quickly into the skin (it also smells great.)
Sleep Status:  Really poor sleep right now :( Lily is starting to get sick which is only aggravating my poor sleep status. I am very sensitive to her sounds so when she coughs or sneezes (even though she's asleep) it wakes me straight up and I find myself waking up purely to make sure her breathing is okay (think blocked nose and Flem chest) 

              Lily and I being awesome duck posers            &           My cute as a button Marley       

Mood:  Although my little girl is getting sick and we are both having a rough time with sleep and fighting this flu, I feel this constant warmth of contentment. I am beyond ecstatic to be able to spend time with my family in Townsville and I think the change in weather has been a great lift to my spirits too, a little Vitamin D from the sunshine has been a nice break away from the constant rain and cold back home :)

Feeling pretty positive right now :)

Highlight of the Week: Spending time with my family!! Jess (S-I-L) and I are only 2 days apart with our due date and it's been more than great to spend time with her, my cuter than cupcakes niece Marley and all the family. Lily is so happy to be back hanging out with her Nanna's and I always feel richer than ever in my heart when I see Lily cooing over Marley and being around her family up here.

Until Next Time,

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