Friday, June 8, 2012

Week 18 Pregnancy Update

Weeks: 18 Weeks (01-06-2012 - 07-06-2012)
Bump: I feel like my bump has just exploded in growth over the last 2-3 weeks, when I sit down now my belly just consumes my lap. I had a moment or 10 where nothing is fitting past my belly button anymore and I am just wanting to throw all my clothes out and start again. Sigh*

Weight Gain: 55 Kilos! My appetite has increased substantially from last week so I am more than ever aware of how much more healthy I need to start eating. I always have fruit and healthy snacks in the cupboard but since I am constantly wanting savory foods, I'm trying to incorporate healthy alternatives in the mix too. 
Symptoms: Heartburn and breathlessness have been a constant companion. I had an appointment with my Midwife yesterday, it was our first time meeting her and she was lovely! (Always a bonus meeting lovely people) She advised me to up my iron intake as I currently have low blood pressure, which can cause breathlessness.  Nothing to fear, apparently very common so I am going to start taking Iron tablets :)

Luke made me Crumpets with Nutella and Sliced Banana!! So YUM!!!

Maternity Clothes: No new maternity clothes still, BUT after my mini meltdown today about having an exposed belly with the majority of my singlets and plain t-shirts, I think Luke and I will be off to buy a belly band soon. I think my hormones are in full swing at the moment with my clothes. I either feel frumpy in something too loose or suffocated in something too tight.. ah, to be a woman.
Exercise: I somewhat cringed when I came to this title haha, I've been so unmotivated lately. Especially since I have my Luke here for 2 weeks, it's been a bit 'holiday mode' in the house :) Now that I am inching towards 5 months though..I am promising you and myself that I will NO LONGER be slack!
Stretch Marks: No new stretch marks. I always have a concoction of moisturizer and Bio- Oil on, and I am noticing my skin is now feeling so nice and soft! 

I apply Dove pro-age Rich Body Creme On my boobs, belly, butt and thighs in the morning as I find its a nice rich consistency but absorbs much quicker than the Bio-Oil. I then apply it again to the same areas after my night-time shower, wait for it to be absorbed then apply my Bio-Oil. Pregnant or not, with this winter chill easily drying out skin, it's always a good idea to apply a moisturizer :)

Sleep Status: It's been great having Luke here as he and Lily get to hang out while little pregnant me gets to nod off for an hour or two during the day for my Nanna-Nap! I feel so much better once I have a nap and although I am still having average sleeps at night, I don't see much reprieve insight until after Baby is born. I have always slept on my back, I've never been able to sleep on my side and since that's my only option now I'm having some difficulty going straight to sleep.
Cravings: Still Lasagna and Spaghetti Bolognese! BUT I've also added Calamari Rings to the list too. I've spoken with a midwife and know the 'recommendation' is only one serving a week, but that doesn't stop me from wanting it every time I think of them. Mmmmm Calamari....with special sauce

Mood:  I'm in nesting mode which can be really horrible for Luke and Lily since I am naturally a clean and organized person, so it's like overdrive mode haha, lately I have just been constantly wanting everything neat or I just feel I can't think properly. I can't speak for Luke or Lily but I know I'm driving myself a bit crazy. Lucky they love me!

Highlight of the Week/ Excited For: Yesterday (07-06-2012) We got to hear Baby's heartbeat for the very first time!! It was AMAZING!! Lily and Luke both were there and it was just a really special moment. We are all excited for tomorrow as we get to find out the baby's gender! We are doing a road trip to Melbourne for our baby's 4D scan and both Luke and I are beyond ecstatic! Also next Thursday we have another ultrasound to make sure the baby's organs are all developing properly.

Tomorrow I am uploading my full review on Lust Have It's May Beauty Bag. Make sure you follow or subscribe to the blog for full updates :) Also next week we will be doing the gender reveal!!!
Until Next Time,

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