Friday, June 1, 2012

Week 17 Pregnancy Update

Weeks: 17 Weeks (as of 25th May.) Today (01/06/2012) marks the start of Week 18. I think I am going to continue waiting a full week to give you all the weekly update on this pregnancy seeing as it is technically called WEEK 17, also it let me write down everyday anything relevant etc.
Bump: I've been having small bump days then feeling like i look 8 months pregnant bump days. This week however I feel the bottom of my belly button has really started to 'pop' out and there's no hiding this bump under winter jumpers or cardigans.

 Sorry for the boobs view, this is me having a 'big belly bump' day

Weight Gain: My weight total is 54.7 Kilos (prior to eating dinner tonight) so I'm sitting at 3.7 Kilos weight gain. I often feel so much heavier than that though, I am starting to especially notice the 'heavy' feeling when sitting down and then trying to get back up haha.
Symptoms:Heartburn was still present this week, however nowhere near as full on as in Week 16. My boobs have been driving me CRAZY with the itching. I have added a thicker Moisturizer to my skincare routine now and that has helped significantly. This isn't so much a ..symptom but I have been wanting to bake A LOT lately, it's fair to say on a daily basis. Some memorable highlights were my Apple Tart & Jam Drops. See below Pictures:

Maternity Clothes: Still no Maternity purchases made, however the 2 things I will be buying are:
- Maternity Bras: no under-wire, better support
- Pregnancy Jeans/Cargo Pants/Slacks: I want to avoid going into Track Pants (although very tempting) and just get some pregnancy pants that support my bump. 
Exercise: The only thing I can play now on Xbox Kinect is the bowling game...and lets face it, that's not helping at all. So apart from watching Lily (3 years old) attempt all the 'track and field' sports games (which is hil-arious) I have still been keeping an eye out for Pilates-Pregnancy Safe DVDs online. I've spotted a few that I to exercise that bank card, all in the name of good health ;)
Stretch Marks: Still no new stretch marks (I am NOT complaining) but the books and midwives always warn that from this week on you need to be diligent in your application of ointments etc. As this is when stretch marks can appear. I have never missed an application yet, I literally could just have gotten into my nice warm bed and it be 4 degrees and I will still get out of bed and apply bio-oil.
Sleep Status: I cannot live without my new best friend in bed: The spare pillow. I use it to give my body some weight relief from my bump. I'll definitely be adding pregnancy pillow on my list of things to buy.
Cravings: Although I have been baking a lot of primarily sweet foods lately, I'm still not craving sugar. I've just started loving baking all over again. I have two meals that I have constantly craved (especially those late night carb cravings) and that's Lasagna and Spaghetti Bolognese. Luckily though, I don't have lasagna or Bolognese on standby 95% of the times these cravings hit as the last thing I am thinking of at that time is what the size of my underwear will be like in 2-4 months haha.

Mood: FREAKING OUT! haha not really but I had an 'incident' where I saw a mouse last night and...I don't usually fear something that bad unless it's a spider or cockroach but I felt so...on edge. I was getting paranoid that it would just jump on me...probably not a pregnancy thing but still...
Excited For: Firstly to see my Luke! It's been 7 weeks and I am so excited!!! Also equally as excited for than 8 days when we get to find out (hopefully baby co-operates) the gender of our little sweetie, we have to do a bit of a trip to Melbourne for it BUT the place we are going to has had amazing reviews and I am just ready to know! I know I'm only 18 weeks but I am..not very patient and it feels like we have been waiting to know for years...which I guess in a way we have..?

Couldn't resist adding this picture in :) 

Gender: See above point. Lily is still adamant that we're are having a baby boy, although she still refers to the baby as her: bruddasista.  I guess we'll see in 8 days.

What do you think we're having? I'm still sticking with boy..I think I'll just be stubborn and say boy until I find out it's a girl.

Until Next Time,

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