Sunday, June 10, 2012

Lust Have It: May Edition Product Review



Nicole By OPI Ultimate trend setter's lacquer (3.75 ml sample)
      15 ml: RRP $14.95 

Love or Loath?
  • Average. OPI Nail Polish is a something I have always wanted to try, so I was pretty excited to also get it in the type of colour I would definitely purchase.
  • The lack of staying power for me (I applied 2-3 coats) was disappointing. I expected the general wear and tear but after only 2 days of having it on, the polish was already chipping away.
Would you purchase it? No. This was very disappointing for me because I LOVED the colour and I think it complimented my skin tone really well, it just didn't look great after 2-3 days, and for a well known name like OPI there was a lot of expectation that just wasn't delivered.

Were you satisfied with the results? It's not going to be a surprise for me to write no to this. Even upon applying the polish I noticed it easily dried, which is great when it's ON your nails but not half way through application.

 Roberto Cavalli Eau de Parfum (Sample)
     30 ml: RRP $80.00

Love or Loath?
  • Like. As you may know, I have stuck with the same scent since I was 16 years old (Hilary Duff: With Love) so trying new perfumes isn't really an exciting thing for me.
  • The scent of this Roberto Cavalli perfume was very intoxicating in a way, as the scent was very rich and really did radiate a richness to it. I loved the scent but after awhile it started to give me a headache as it was quite potent.
Would you purchase it? I would purchase it for one of my friends or my mum but not personally for myself. Again, the scent was great, but I found it too rich and from that wouldn't be able to wear it.

Were you satisfied with the results? It was what I expected, it was a great scent, the bottle itself looks amazing and would look perfect atop of someones dresser. All round a nice but strong perfume.

Lush- Lust Soap
      100g ml: RRP $6.95

Love or Loath?
  • LOVE I've heard so much about Lush products, whether it be from YouTube videos or beauty bloggers so it was a nice surprise to have it in the Lust Have It bag. The scent of this little soap is AMAZING! Although I found the scent quickly faded after use which wasn't a huge deal.
  • Since I am currently pregnant, I don't like applying a lot of different products to my skin, I just keep it simple and the same, but with Lush being free from preservatives and other little nasties I was happy to have it in my shower.
Would you purchase it? I would. The colour is also great (Pink, of course) It doesn't stain your skin or basin and it's a fun addition to the shower. It's not very expensive either so I would definitely recommend you try this or just check out the Lush collection on the web.

Were you satisfied with the results? Yes. If I had to say one negative (and this is just nit-picking really) it would be that I would have loved the beautiful scent that the soap come with to stay around a little longer. Overall though it was great to try :)

 Babor Lifting Extra Firming Cream (Sample)
     50 ml: RRP $192.00
Love or Loath?
  • I don't think there was enough of this product for me to try to get a real love or loath opinion. I'm starting to become very particular with what I am applying to my face, so a lot of my facial ointments have been thoroughly reviewed and some thrown away. I would have LOVED to have tried this product in a little bigger size, although I do appreciate the price tag that comes with it.
Would you purchase it? No. Again, in my opinion the sample was too small to really appreciate if the product was working or not. It seemed like a few more applications and it would have been clear if my skin was looking/ feeling better.

Were you satisfied with the results? See above point. 

De Lorenzo Elements Ocean Mist Sea Salt Styling Spray 95 ml
     95 ml: RRP $23.95

Love or Loath?
  • I LOVED this spray! It smelt nice AND didn't leave my hair feeling nasty, which honestly I expected it would.
  • The application was easy and I love that I can apply it to dry or damp hair. I used it a few times just before I had to re-wash my hair to take it from flat to fuller bodied and it gave my naturally curly hair a nice bounce.
Would you purchase it?  Yes. I generally only spend $6 on Anti-Frizz Heat Protect Spray and average around $12 for my shampoo and conditioner, so spending just under $25 for a misting spray isn't on the list. However, if I was going to splurge on my hair..this product would be a shoe in!!

Were you satisfied with the results? Yes! I expected my hair to be left feeling sticky, dried out and just horrible in general (as that's what generally happens after a trip to the beach) but this spray was great. It was a nice alternative to my general hair straightening routine, and took minimal effort. Winner!!

Showface Professional Eyeshadow
RRP $22.95

Love or Loath?
  • I found it to be somewhat average. It wasn't a colour that showed up well on my skin, despite my skin tone being quite pale at the moment. It's stayed on all day without a fuss, I just had to apply more than usual to get a subtle look.
Would you purchase it? No. There's nothing overly negative to say about this eyeshadow. I actually didn't mind that it was a subtle shade compared to that of what I was expecting, but I wouldn't purchase it based on the colour or the lack of pigmentation.

Were you satisfied with the results? I did expect more pigmentation from a professional eyeshadow. Overall I would have loved to see more shimmer and less need of application to get a subtle look.

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  1. I got the Robert Cavali scent in my June box, and I'm in love! I'm not trying to find a place to buy it D:

    1. Thanks for stopping by :) I checked out your blog and I'm a fan x



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