Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Unfortunately I don't have a very glamorous pink suitcase, in fact, mine is grey...and it generally looks exactly like about 4-5 other peoples suitcase when I go to collect it from the baggage area.

I've often thought about wrapping a big piece of bright ribbon around the handle but...always forget that never seems to eventuate because I am too slack. I always see the expensive brand name suitcases coming towards me at the baggage claim and think Ah, If only mine too where Guess but honestly...I don't think I could or would spend a fortune on a suitcase unless I was going overseas. 

$138 (Inc Postage) 
The above and below images are more so a starting point of what I'd love for Lily and I. I have a..list in my head of what I need and want in travel luggage. The MAJOR contender would have to be roller wheels, not only is this a back saving edition to luggage but the convenience factor cannot be rivaled....unless you have a designated luggage lucky thing you!

Approx $78.87 (Inc Postage

So here's the little list I have come up with for what I need and want in mine and Lily's suitcases:

1/ Roller Wheels
2/ Preferably Pink (Lily reports that Peppa Pig is her favorite contender for character based)
3/ Have organization compartments inside and out (think zippers and Velcro areas)
4/ Have quality zips. I don't want to perfectly organize my entire suitcase only for the zipper to snap 
5/ Be made of durable material. Looking nice is great, but durability is even more great :)

Maybe while I contemplate the benefits of making my luggage easier to see with bright ribbon or a humungous cupcake keyring (see below) I should also start making a list of things to pack in my all-too-grey-heavy-monster of a suitcase for my cousins wedding in less than 2 weeks.

Approx $6.34

Until Next Time,

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