Thursday, June 28, 2012

Fashion that Bump!

I have just recently attended my cousins wedding, where I was lucky enough to be the maid of honor. I suprised myself by not fretting on whether or not I would fit into my MOH dress, and although we did end up getting the dress altered, it was only because the zipper kept getting caught in the fabric, not because of my newly acquired baby bumps.

The one thing that ultimately gave great discomfort was my shoes. Ouch! The shoes themselves were nice but walking in them all afternoon wasn't so nice. I think because of my height (I'm 5ft 7) I don't feel I NEED to wear highheels and have always favoured my ballet walking in high heels isn't a natural feeling for me.

Everything about the day was fantastic (bar the ouchy feet) whether it was getting my hair played with by the hairstylists for an hour or having my makeup professionaly applied straight after, I felt great and could definetly get used to that sort of pampering!

I am not sure if it's all down to me having a boy this time and carrying far lower which makes it less obvious I am 'with child' OR it could be the pleats in the dress ;) but it wasn't obvious to everyone that I was pregnant on the day (I got offered champagne a few times)..maybe I just look like a pregnant drinker? Whatever the case I stuck with my ol' favourite: Lemonade :)

In only a few short weeks I have another wedding to attend, where I will be 27 weeks pregnant thus it most likely being one of the last big trips I do before I have baby. I just find it easier not travelling especially when I have my energectic, full of questions 3 year old to contend with.

So I leave you now, with the knowledge I am off to go eat (a favourite thing of mine to do). I will update you all on how my weekend faired soon.
Until Next time,

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