Saturday, June 30, 2012

Week 21 Pregnancy Update

Only 19 more weeks! This pregnancy, honestly feels like a whirlwind. I've introduced a new title on here called Baby Wishlist. This is similar to a food cravings title, but is for baby items.
Weeks: 21 Weeks (22-06-2012 - 28-06-2012) I feel like ever since 19 weeks my bellys growth just exploded and I have to say, no amount of black could slim this bump back.
Bump: Finding new ways to dress nicely and feel good about what I am wearing is getting a little trickier as my bump continues it's journey outwards. Living out of a suitcase at the moment, probably isn't helping my confidence as the clothes I packed (that fitted me 2 weeks ago) are now struggling to cover my hips.

Weight Gain: I know I said I would be able to tell you my weight gain this week, but I am going to go right ahead and blame my current 'baby brain' for getting my weeks mixed up. I still don't have access to any scales but if I was to estimate I'd say I have gained around 6-7 kilos at this point.
Symptoms: Breathlessness and Heartburn are still hanging about. I would actually rather the heartburn more then the breathlessness at this point :( I still am combating an increase in hair growth and random dry patches of skin on my hip and just below my collar bone, they are the tiniest little marks but I just keep apply moisturizer.

Loving Tim Tam's right now!

Maternity Clothes: I NEED MATERNITY BRAS!! Argh! This is something I have been 'going' to do for way too many weeks of this pregnancy and never do. It's been a little tricky as we've had to accomodate flights back and forth for weddings etc but when things settle a bit, I am definetly getting some bras and maternity pants!!

Baby Wishlist: I'm on the hunt for *drum roll* a diaper bag! I still have the one I used for Lily but it's the size of a large duffle bag, and I plan to use that for both my kiddies (strange to write that) when I take them for play dates etc. I just want something affordable, splatter proof and that caters with lots of pockets!!

Stretch Marks: Paranoia! No new stretch marks but the paranoia of getting them is horrible! As I have mentioned in a few posts before this one, I got a few when I had Lily but not on my stomach. So this time I have kept such a consistent skin care regime, and am constantly massaging my skin.
Sleep Status:  My sleeping has been a little better with the aide of my pillow companion, I just straddle it and fall asleep most nights straight away..that being said, the breathlessness seems to be worse at night so I generally move around (what seems like) 100 times before I wake up the next morning.

Mood:  Very relaxed. I have gone through a lot of changes (financially, emotionally and physcially) this pregnancy and I think I have handled them all really well. I just feel this presence of calm around me, I think I have just gotten to a point where I see the bigger picture, rather than any purpose of stressing myself numb over tiny details that I can't change in life. Don't get me wrong though, I can still get annoyed and quite irritated, but more so I handle things differently.

Sorry about the blur, but couldn't help but share this. 

Highlight of the Week: Two things for me this week. 1 isn't pregnancy related, but anyway I was pregnant at the time. Firstly, I am feeling baby kick more strongly now. It's no longer a flutter in my stomach, it's now been upgraded to quite blunt kicks and jabs, but I don't mind at this point (while he's small) it's a strange but amazing feeling. Second highlight was taking Lily to the Cinemas for her very first time (we went and saw Brave in 3D, great movie!) and she was really well behaved.

Also! I am looking forward to Luke feeling baby kick!
Until Next Time,

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Fashion that Bump!

I have just recently attended my cousins wedding, where I was lucky enough to be the maid of honor. I suprised myself by not fretting on whether or not I would fit into my MOH dress, and although we did end up getting the dress altered, it was only because the zipper kept getting caught in the fabric, not because of my newly acquired baby bumps.

The one thing that ultimately gave great discomfort was my shoes. Ouch! The shoes themselves were nice but walking in them all afternoon wasn't so nice. I think because of my height (I'm 5ft 7) I don't feel I NEED to wear highheels and have always favoured my ballet walking in high heels isn't a natural feeling for me.

Everything about the day was fantastic (bar the ouchy feet) whether it was getting my hair played with by the hairstylists for an hour or having my makeup professionaly applied straight after, I felt great and could definetly get used to that sort of pampering!

I am not sure if it's all down to me having a boy this time and carrying far lower which makes it less obvious I am 'with child' OR it could be the pleats in the dress ;) but it wasn't obvious to everyone that I was pregnant on the day (I got offered champagne a few times)..maybe I just look like a pregnant drinker? Whatever the case I stuck with my ol' favourite: Lemonade :)

In only a few short weeks I have another wedding to attend, where I will be 27 weeks pregnant thus it most likely being one of the last big trips I do before I have baby. I just find it easier not travelling especially when I have my energectic, full of questions 3 year old to contend with.

So I leave you now, with the knowledge I am off to go eat (a favourite thing of mine to do). I will update you all on how my weekend faired soon.
Until Next time,

Friday, June 22, 2012

Week 20 Pregnancy Update: Half Way!!

I had my Maid of Honor Dress altered this week and I was surprised to find I didn't actually need it altered to accommodate my baby bump, it just needed a clasp added! I feel like if I was any bigger though, it would have definitely needed to be taken out.
Weeks: 20  Weeks (15-06-2012 - 22-06-2012) I am beyond excited that I have reached half way! It really does feel like this pregnancy has just gone super quick!!
Bump: My not so little bump has now become my constant companion. Although it seems a daily struggle to find pants accommodating enough for my growing mid section, I take great joy in seeing my bump (especially on 'big bump days') through my clothes.

Weight Gain: I don't know what my weight gain is for week 20 as I don't have scales at the moment and won't until week 21's update.
Symptoms: Breathlessness which has equaled disrupted sleep :( The first hour in bed, trying to get to sleep is horrible as my breathlessness seems amplified at this time, no matter how many pillows I try and use to accommodate my bump. One symptom that has seemingly disappeared is my dislike of sugar or more accurately...CHOCOLATE!! I'm trying to tame the cravings but lately I have been crazy coconuts for Tim Tams.

Taco Tuesday!

Maternity Clothes: I know I say that I am going to be maternity shopping soon A LOT on this blog and never do, BUT next Wednesday (27th) my sister-in-law Jess and I are going shopping and I am purchasing a maternity bra (or 3!) I also might (depending on budget) look at  maternity pants.
Exercise: Honestly this last week of feeling breathlessness and the onset of the flu has made me more unmotivated than ever. I still love getting out of the house and about, but in the terms of actual: Pilate's/Yoga/ going to the gym etc...yeah, that hasn't happened yet.
Stretch Marks: Still no stretch marks, just itchy skin. I ran out of my bio oil this week and haven't had a chance at all to go buy some more, so instead I have been using Nivea Hydrating Moisturizer, which I love as a little goes a long way and it absorbs very quickly into the skin (it also smells great.)
Sleep Status:  Really poor sleep right now :( Lily is starting to get sick which is only aggravating my poor sleep status. I am very sensitive to her sounds so when she coughs or sneezes (even though she's asleep) it wakes me straight up and I find myself waking up purely to make sure her breathing is okay (think blocked nose and Flem chest) 

              Lily and I being awesome duck posers            &           My cute as a button Marley       

Mood:  Although my little girl is getting sick and we are both having a rough time with sleep and fighting this flu, I feel this constant warmth of contentment. I am beyond ecstatic to be able to spend time with my family in Townsville and I think the change in weather has been a great lift to my spirits too, a little Vitamin D from the sunshine has been a nice break away from the constant rain and cold back home :)

Feeling pretty positive right now :)

Highlight of the Week: Spending time with my family!! Jess (S-I-L) and I are only 2 days apart with our due date and it's been more than great to spend time with her, my cuter than cupcakes niece Marley and all the family. Lily is so happy to be back hanging out with her Nanna's and I always feel richer than ever in my heart when I see Lily cooing over Marley and being around her family up here.

Until Next Time,

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pale Skin: Foundation Freakout!

I often think I have the skin of a red haired person.. you see, I didn't inherit my mother's Indian skin tone (just her thick, dark hair), instead I have pale, somewhat freckled skin (thanks father) and from this I have been lead on a constant journey to find the perfect shade of Ivory/without looking yellow-orange foundation.

Below are a few liquid foundation options (in the shades that I would generally choose) for you to get an idea of what my normal purchases would be. I've learnt via trial and error that Nude and Beige, are NOT complimentary on my skin so you won't be seeing them any time soon on my list.

Revlon PhotoReady: 001 Ivory - 002 Vanilla - 003 Shell

Covergirl Natureluxe: Ivory

Maybelline Fit Me! 115 Ivory (I am now currently wearing 120 Classic Ivory which is too yellow)

No matter what skin tone you may have, if you wear foundation, it's always more flattering when you find a shade that matches your skin tone, not one that masks it and if anything makes you ghostly white/yellowish/orange etc.

I've always purchased drug-store brands as I've never had the budget to splurge on high-end make-up, but I believe this has lead to my biggest problem: I have tried just about every shade of Ivory available, in a range from Covergirl to Revlon to Maybelline with no luck finding one that didn't leave me yellowish/orange looking or the need for Ivory pressed powder to be applied afterwards.

Which brand do you choose?

I am not giving up though. I believe there is a shade out there in an Ivory-ish colour that will compliment my skin and cost less then $30. My goal is to find a foundation under budget that still offers:

- Full Coverage
- Suitable for Oily/ Combination Skin (pregnancy has left my skin breaking out a bit)
- SPF Protection

I am open to tinted moisturisers but have found the majority of them offer sheer coverage, where I generally opt for a medium-full coverage. I will purchase foundation online ONLY after I have tried that particular shade on instore and found it was complimentary to my skin tone/needs.

What's your favourite shade? Are you a tinted moisturiser type or more full coverage? Let me know in the comments below x

Until Next Time,

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Travel Makeup/Skin Care: What's in my Bag

I have started to pay extra attention to my skincare regime since being pregnant this year, so it makes sense for me to bring this regime along on our trip to North Queensland for my cousins wedding. We leave tomorrow (Monday) so I have had to leave some items that I use daily out, until the last minute.

TOP TIP# If you have/ can buy/ find for free, the travel size of the products you generally use, it can be a much safer option as you're carrying far less liquids (chances of spill halved!) I take with me little samples of wet wipes for Lily on the plane and save up my Glossybox/ Lust have it samples for when I travel :)

When I'm travelling with makeup etc. I like to keep everything in clear zip lock bags. This is primarily for 2 reasons, should the airport personnel need to see what I have in the bags it makes everything easily available, and also if one of the containers breaks, I'm avoiding a huge mess in my luggage :)

Zip Lock Bag: Skin Care

Beautycare co. Facial Wipes: Green Tea- Cleansing & Make-up Removal

Jurlique: Intense Recovery Mask (Travel size)

Lapurete Okuru: Protective Day Creme w/ UVA defense (Travel size)

Nivea: Body Lotion (Travel size)

Garnier: Youthful Radiance Under-eye Roll-on

Sorry for the somewhat horrid pictures, my 'wonderful' kitchen light nor my camera like eachother.


 Starlet: Concealer

Maybelline: FIT me! (120 Classic Ivory)
Starlet: Natural Coverage Makeup (I combine these two for a more natural looking tone)

REVLON: ColorStay Mineral Foundation (Medium Deep)
Covergirl: Pressed Powder (108-Ivory)

Rimmel: Soft Kohl Eye Pencil

L'Oreal Paris: Lash Architect 4D (Black)
                          Colour Infaillible (002 Hourglass Beige)

MODEL co: Eyeshadow Trio (02. Bronzed Goddess)

BYS: Eyeshadow #3 Olive Daze (Great for Brown, Hazel or Green Eyes)

Coral Colours: Trio Eyeshadow (02541 Mallee Gold)


REVLON: 085 Ruby                              
                   003 Mauve It Over (Matte)

Gorgeous Cosmetics: 1M8 Lip Pencil (Goes perfect with 003 Mauve It Over)

L'Oreal: Shiny Grapefruit Lipstick

I've packed a few different options for my makeup look, so I don't feel stuck in a rut whilst on holiday. It also gives me a chance to be a bit more bold with lipstick as I rarely wear it, generally I just have my Body Shop Strawberry Lipgloss in my handbag.

So there you have it! That's what's in my travel makeup and skin care bags! Do you take MUCH more or MUCH less when you're travelling? Let me know in the comments below x

Until Next Time,

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Week 19 Pregnancy Update & Gender Reveal!

I know that of late I have really been falling behind in my normal blog posts and for that I do apologize, I promise Skinny Budget won't turn 'full Mumma Mode' anytime soon and there will be much more style on a budget type posts to come VERY shortly x

Weeks: 19 Weeks (0806-2012 - 15-06-2012)
Bump: I feel that this week has definitely been the best week so far! My bump seems so much bigger now, even compared to when I was pregnant with Lily I wasn't this big just yet.

Weight Gain: My weight at the moment is 56 Kilos which averages my total weight gain to be 5.5-6 kilos in the last 5 months. I have 'given in' more than ever this last week to my savory cravings (think chicken burgers or burritos) but I'm still finding that I am more snacking and eating smaller meals than having 3 large meals a day.
Symptoms: Heartburn has settled down a little, although I still get the horrible pain after eating something with too much garlic or onion (my love of garlic bread has gone.) I am noticing more acne this week as well as an increase in hair :( apparently it's completely normal when carrying a .... keep reading :)

Maternity Clothes: Nope. Still no new maternity clothes but I think next week is the week when I will invest in some new bra's!
Exercise: I am happy to report Luke, Lily, Shen (our Mini-Foxie x) and I went for a 20-30 minute walk yesterday and although the air was quite chilly we all enjoyed it (maybe just Shen and I) I want to continue my walks as Lily, Shen and I pre-pregnancy went on daily jogs before it suddenly turned super cool. I loved the walk as I wasn't left feeling over exerted and felt really refreshed and happy.
Stretch Marks: Still no new stretch marks and still using my same concoction. 

Sleep Status:  I am starting to feel a lot more in the mood for naps (apparently I get moody when I'm tired) I am just really enjoying my daytime naps at the moment and although I am not oversleeping from them, I am still not having the greatest luck with sleeping at night. Either my pillow for my bump isn't high enough or it's too high.

Mood:  I feel SO happy right now. Not only did we find out the gender of our baby, we also got to see baby two times during this week (both times we were able to see in 4D) I'm so excited now to start planning the nursery!!!

Highlight of the Week: Finding out the baby's sex! It's a BOY!! Luke, Lily and I are so thrilled and excited! Lily is beyond happy to have a brother (although I am sure she'd be just as happy with a new puppy or baby giraffe at the moment) 

Until Next Time,

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Lust Have It: May Edition Product Review



Nicole By OPI Ultimate trend setter's lacquer (3.75 ml sample)
      15 ml: RRP $14.95 

Love or Loath?
  • Average. OPI Nail Polish is a something I have always wanted to try, so I was pretty excited to also get it in the type of colour I would definitely purchase.
  • The lack of staying power for me (I applied 2-3 coats) was disappointing. I expected the general wear and tear but after only 2 days of having it on, the polish was already chipping away.
Would you purchase it? No. This was very disappointing for me because I LOVED the colour and I think it complimented my skin tone really well, it just didn't look great after 2-3 days, and for a well known name like OPI there was a lot of expectation that just wasn't delivered.

Were you satisfied with the results? It's not going to be a surprise for me to write no to this. Even upon applying the polish I noticed it easily dried, which is great when it's ON your nails but not half way through application.

 Roberto Cavalli Eau de Parfum (Sample)
     30 ml: RRP $80.00

Love or Loath?
  • Like. As you may know, I have stuck with the same scent since I was 16 years old (Hilary Duff: With Love) so trying new perfumes isn't really an exciting thing for me.
  • The scent of this Roberto Cavalli perfume was very intoxicating in a way, as the scent was very rich and really did radiate a richness to it. I loved the scent but after awhile it started to give me a headache as it was quite potent.
Would you purchase it? I would purchase it for one of my friends or my mum but not personally for myself. Again, the scent was great, but I found it too rich and from that wouldn't be able to wear it.

Were you satisfied with the results? It was what I expected, it was a great scent, the bottle itself looks amazing and would look perfect atop of someones dresser. All round a nice but strong perfume.

Lush- Lust Soap
      100g ml: RRP $6.95

Love or Loath?
  • LOVE I've heard so much about Lush products, whether it be from YouTube videos or beauty bloggers so it was a nice surprise to have it in the Lust Have It bag. The scent of this little soap is AMAZING! Although I found the scent quickly faded after use which wasn't a huge deal.
  • Since I am currently pregnant, I don't like applying a lot of different products to my skin, I just keep it simple and the same, but with Lush being free from preservatives and other little nasties I was happy to have it in my shower.
Would you purchase it? I would. The colour is also great (Pink, of course) It doesn't stain your skin or basin and it's a fun addition to the shower. It's not very expensive either so I would definitely recommend you try this or just check out the Lush collection on the web.

Were you satisfied with the results? Yes. If I had to say one negative (and this is just nit-picking really) it would be that I would have loved the beautiful scent that the soap come with to stay around a little longer. Overall though it was great to try :)

 Babor Lifting Extra Firming Cream (Sample)
     50 ml: RRP $192.00
Love or Loath?
  • I don't think there was enough of this product for me to try to get a real love or loath opinion. I'm starting to become very particular with what I am applying to my face, so a lot of my facial ointments have been thoroughly reviewed and some thrown away. I would have LOVED to have tried this product in a little bigger size, although I do appreciate the price tag that comes with it.
Would you purchase it? No. Again, in my opinion the sample was too small to really appreciate if the product was working or not. It seemed like a few more applications and it would have been clear if my skin was looking/ feeling better.

Were you satisfied with the results? See above point. 

De Lorenzo Elements Ocean Mist Sea Salt Styling Spray 95 ml
     95 ml: RRP $23.95

Love or Loath?
  • I LOVED this spray! It smelt nice AND didn't leave my hair feeling nasty, which honestly I expected it would.
  • The application was easy and I love that I can apply it to dry or damp hair. I used it a few times just before I had to re-wash my hair to take it from flat to fuller bodied and it gave my naturally curly hair a nice bounce.
Would you purchase it?  Yes. I generally only spend $6 on Anti-Frizz Heat Protect Spray and average around $12 for my shampoo and conditioner, so spending just under $25 for a misting spray isn't on the list. However, if I was going to splurge on my hair..this product would be a shoe in!!

Were you satisfied with the results? Yes! I expected my hair to be left feeling sticky, dried out and just horrible in general (as that's what generally happens after a trip to the beach) but this spray was great. It was a nice alternative to my general hair straightening routine, and took minimal effort. Winner!!

Showface Professional Eyeshadow
RRP $22.95

Love or Loath?
  • I found it to be somewhat average. It wasn't a colour that showed up well on my skin, despite my skin tone being quite pale at the moment. It's stayed on all day without a fuss, I just had to apply more than usual to get a subtle look.
Would you purchase it? No. There's nothing overly negative to say about this eyeshadow. I actually didn't mind that it was a subtle shade compared to that of what I was expecting, but I wouldn't purchase it based on the colour or the lack of pigmentation.

Were you satisfied with the results? I did expect more pigmentation from a professional eyeshadow. Overall I would have loved to see more shimmer and less need of application to get a subtle look.

Until Next Time,

Friday, June 8, 2012

Week 18 Pregnancy Update

Weeks: 18 Weeks (01-06-2012 - 07-06-2012)
Bump: I feel like my bump has just exploded in growth over the last 2-3 weeks, when I sit down now my belly just consumes my lap. I had a moment or 10 where nothing is fitting past my belly button anymore and I am just wanting to throw all my clothes out and start again. Sigh*

Weight Gain: 55 Kilos! My appetite has increased substantially from last week so I am more than ever aware of how much more healthy I need to start eating. I always have fruit and healthy snacks in the cupboard but since I am constantly wanting savory foods, I'm trying to incorporate healthy alternatives in the mix too. 
Symptoms: Heartburn and breathlessness have been a constant companion. I had an appointment with my Midwife yesterday, it was our first time meeting her and she was lovely! (Always a bonus meeting lovely people) She advised me to up my iron intake as I currently have low blood pressure, which can cause breathlessness.  Nothing to fear, apparently very common so I am going to start taking Iron tablets :)

Luke made me Crumpets with Nutella and Sliced Banana!! So YUM!!!

Maternity Clothes: No new maternity clothes still, BUT after my mini meltdown today about having an exposed belly with the majority of my singlets and plain t-shirts, I think Luke and I will be off to buy a belly band soon. I think my hormones are in full swing at the moment with my clothes. I either feel frumpy in something too loose or suffocated in something too tight.. ah, to be a woman.
Exercise: I somewhat cringed when I came to this title haha, I've been so unmotivated lately. Especially since I have my Luke here for 2 weeks, it's been a bit 'holiday mode' in the house :) Now that I am inching towards 5 months though..I am promising you and myself that I will NO LONGER be slack!
Stretch Marks: No new stretch marks. I always have a concoction of moisturizer and Bio- Oil on, and I am noticing my skin is now feeling so nice and soft! 

I apply Dove pro-age Rich Body Creme On my boobs, belly, butt and thighs in the morning as I find its a nice rich consistency but absorbs much quicker than the Bio-Oil. I then apply it again to the same areas after my night-time shower, wait for it to be absorbed then apply my Bio-Oil. Pregnant or not, with this winter chill easily drying out skin, it's always a good idea to apply a moisturizer :)

Sleep Status: It's been great having Luke here as he and Lily get to hang out while little pregnant me gets to nod off for an hour or two during the day for my Nanna-Nap! I feel so much better once I have a nap and although I am still having average sleeps at night, I don't see much reprieve insight until after Baby is born. I have always slept on my back, I've never been able to sleep on my side and since that's my only option now I'm having some difficulty going straight to sleep.
Cravings: Still Lasagna and Spaghetti Bolognese! BUT I've also added Calamari Rings to the list too. I've spoken with a midwife and know the 'recommendation' is only one serving a week, but that doesn't stop me from wanting it every time I think of them. Mmmmm Calamari....with special sauce

Mood:  I'm in nesting mode which can be really horrible for Luke and Lily since I am naturally a clean and organized person, so it's like overdrive mode haha, lately I have just been constantly wanting everything neat or I just feel I can't think properly. I can't speak for Luke or Lily but I know I'm driving myself a bit crazy. Lucky they love me!

Highlight of the Week/ Excited For: Yesterday (07-06-2012) We got to hear Baby's heartbeat for the very first time!! It was AMAZING!! Lily and Luke both were there and it was just a really special moment. We are all excited for tomorrow as we get to find out the baby's gender! We are doing a road trip to Melbourne for our baby's 4D scan and both Luke and I are beyond ecstatic! Also next Thursday we have another ultrasound to make sure the baby's organs are all developing properly.

Tomorrow I am uploading my full review on Lust Have It's May Beauty Bag. Make sure you follow or subscribe to the blog for full updates :) Also next week we will be doing the gender reveal!!!
Until Next Time,

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Unfortunately I don't have a very glamorous pink suitcase, in fact, mine is grey...and it generally looks exactly like about 4-5 other peoples suitcase when I go to collect it from the baggage area.

I've often thought about wrapping a big piece of bright ribbon around the handle but...always forget that never seems to eventuate because I am too slack. I always see the expensive brand name suitcases coming towards me at the baggage claim and think Ah, If only mine too where Guess but honestly...I don't think I could or would spend a fortune on a suitcase unless I was going overseas. 

$138 (Inc Postage) 
The above and below images are more so a starting point of what I'd love for Lily and I. I have a..list in my head of what I need and want in travel luggage. The MAJOR contender would have to be roller wheels, not only is this a back saving edition to luggage but the convenience factor cannot be rivaled....unless you have a designated luggage lucky thing you!

Approx $78.87 (Inc Postage

So here's the little list I have come up with for what I need and want in mine and Lily's suitcases:

1/ Roller Wheels
2/ Preferably Pink (Lily reports that Peppa Pig is her favorite contender for character based)
3/ Have organization compartments inside and out (think zippers and Velcro areas)
4/ Have quality zips. I don't want to perfectly organize my entire suitcase only for the zipper to snap 
5/ Be made of durable material. Looking nice is great, but durability is even more great :)

Maybe while I contemplate the benefits of making my luggage easier to see with bright ribbon or a humungous cupcake keyring (see below) I should also start making a list of things to pack in my all-too-grey-heavy-monster of a suitcase for my cousins wedding in less than 2 weeks.

Approx $6.34

Until Next Time,


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