Friday, May 25, 2012

Week 16 Pregnancy Update

Weeks: 16 Weeks (as of 18th May.) Today (25/05/2012) marks the start of Week 17, however I wanted to wait until I had more news on week 16 before uploading this post :)
Bump: Definitely have a baby bump :)  Feeling so great to finally be able to style a baby bump and not the looks of bloat :) haha. Some days my bump seems much larger than other days.

Weight Gain: 3.8 Kilos in total so far. I eat small regular meals and try to make sure what I am eating is fairly healthy. I've also been upping my water intake to avoid headaches. I've noticed my hunger has increased so I always have either Almonds in my handbag to snack on or dry biscuits. So I'm pretty much always seen eating haha.
Symptoms: Heartburn has hit :( ugh, I do not love this stage at all. It's worse after a few hours of eating and also about an hour prior to eating. Nothing substantial but can definitely feel it.
Maternity Clothes: No maternity clothes still! I just did a Kmart haul, which you can check out here I will be investing in some maternity jeans soon though, especially for winter!
Exercise: We've been having such crappy weather here for the last few weeks :( However I am going to order a yoga workout DVD (pregnancy safe) online next week to combat thighs, saggy bum etc all in the comfort of my warm lounge room :) 
Stretch Marks: No new stretch marks BUT my skin is irritatingly itchy!! I'll be looking into a non-irritant moisturizer ASAP, I didn't even know they existed until I read some maternity blogs!
Sleep Status: Still finding it difficult to go to sleep at a reasonable hour. I totally forgot to keep up with the warm milk routine, and usually just opt for some water. Will try and start forcing myself to be at least laying in bed by 10:30!
Cravings: Nothing specific (...still I know) but I still want anything savory no matter what time. This isn't a craving per say, but I have this want to always be baking now... still hate washing up afterwards

Mood: I'm past the overly emotional crying stage (thank gosh) but lately I have been a little irritated. I think it's just a combination of Lily acting out lately and irregular sleep :(
Excited For: Since I've done a few shops for clothes to flatter my new mummy to be shape, I am excited to try them out and not feel so frumpy. I am loving this pregnancy and I just wanted the outside of me to look as nice as how I feel about it inside..if that makes sense. I tested out some new makeup (combined with my existing stuff) I felt so womanly and confident being a little dressed up :) 

Check out the images below.


Gender: Still not sure, still think it's a boy though. Everything about this pregnancy is opposite to that of how I was when pregnant with Lily. Not too long until we can determine it!!
We're thinking of doing a 4D scan to see more detail of baby soon too! Might find out the gender too!

What do you like to do to feel good about yourself? Go to the gym, shopping, makeup? Let me know in the comments below xx

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