Saturday, May 19, 2012

Week 15 Pregnancy Update

Weeks: 15 Weeks (as of 11th May)
Bump: Bump Pop! I'm probably going to say this EVERY week (hopefully not) but I really feel like it's pretty well obvious now to everyone that I look pregnant. The first few weeks of pregnancy I just looked like a had a 'beer gut' which wasn't fantastic.

This was the only bump picture I took this week :( sorry x

Weight Gain: 3.5 Kilos in total so far. My weight gain at the moment is the same, the baby is a good size and gaining weight perfectly. I think it's because this pregnancy I am more conscious of the foods I am eating, and I am completely off eating or drinking anything too sugary. Also I am trying to exercise 30-45 minutes a day. (Xbox Kinect helps on super cold and miserable days haha) In saying all that, from this week onwards I've been told to expect the baby and myself to start gaining more weight consistently.
Symptoms: I feel pretty boring, but really I have STILL got NO energy. My blood sugar levels are fine, I'm eating regularly and I just so lethargic. My iron levels are also fine so I think I am just an unfortunate one who won't get their energy back for a while :(
Maternity Clothes: I STILL don't have any maternity pants, and boy do I need them! I'm going to suss out Jeans West next week and also I've spotted a few items on ASOS that I would love so stay tuned! Also I am not sure baby be mine ship to Australia (will find out) but I LOVE their belly bands!

Exercise: The weather has been so confused with itself you just don't know what you are going to wake up to, this hasn't had a huge impact on me actually exercising but every time it rains and is miserably cold I always find it that little harder to get motivated. I've been doing some simple yoga stretches and doing some fun/ pregnancy friendly activities with the Xbox Kinect (I promise I don't get paid every time I say their name haha)
Stretch Marks: I am so conscious of my existing stretch marks getting worse OR them spreading I have never failed a day of putting Bio-Oil on. With my first pregnancy I was fairly slack (every 2-4 days I'd remember to put it on) and as a result I blame my infrequency of applying the oil to me getting stretch marks..well that and me gaining so much weight so quickly..

My routine is simple. I have more than one bottle in the house.
-I keep one in the bathroom, right next to the tap so I'm constantly reminded when hopping out of the shower to put it on.
- The second I have in my bedroom, so at night when changing to PJ's I have the Bio-Oil right there ready to go.

Sleep Status: I am finding it really hard at the moment to go to sleep at a reasonable time (anywhere before 10:30pm would be great) so I have opted to try and have a cup of warm milk around 8:30pm and so far it's helping me shut off all my random thoughts and just be relaxed. Since it's been quite chilly the last few nights I also put my electric blanket on before I jump into bed that way I have a nice, comfortable bed to make it easier to fall asleep in.
Cravings: Again, nothing too specific but still savory foods. I have not had (in this pregnancy) and intense craving for anything sweet. It's generally something like Calamari, Pea & Ham soup or anything really that is a savory food. My one consistent food want would have to be steamed vegetables! I can't get enough of them. I've always loved vegetables but now it's at a new level.
Mood: I'm definitely feeling more 'vulnerable' with my emotions. Whether it be a sad movie or lack of sleep I could just cry at the drop of a hat some-days...and be just as confused as the next person as to why it was exactly that I am crying.
Excited For: The 20 week ultrasound!With Lily I had my 'gender determination' ultrasound at 18 weeks but now the norm seems to be 20..which is not as fun waiting for, but well worth it! After we know the sex is when we are going to start going full steam ahead on the nursery, so it's definitely something I am excited to find out. 

Gender: See above comment. Some of my family members seem quite positive that we're definitely having a boy this time. The fortune teller (can't remember the actual name at the moment) that I saw in January told me that my next child would be a it's pointing boy for now. 

Until Next Time,

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