Saturday, May 5, 2012

Week 14 Pregnancy Update

Weeks: 14 Weeks (as of 4th May)
Bump: The majority of the bump is still under my belly button to my pelvic bone. It's sitting around the same position as it was in my first pregnancy.

In my 'awesome' PJ's
The majority of my jaw line is now completely pimple free!

Weight Gain: 3.5 Kilos. I don't own scales (looking into buying some though) so I use family's or the doctors, I'm not piling heaps of weight on at once but I am noticing it's very slightly increasing as the weeks go on.
Symptoms: No energy. Absolutely no drive at the moment, I just feel like I need to sleep, am keeping an eye on my Iron intake as with my 1st pregnancy I was iron deficient at the start. Also my nose constantly feels like it's stuffy, which I am told is a common symptom of pregnancy. It doesn't make it any more pleasant though!
Maternity Clothes: I haven't purchased any yet, however I discovered my 'go-to' jeans no longer do up so I am now looking into maternity jeans and bras as my boobs are needing more accommodation (sorry if that's TMI) 
Exercise: The weather still really sucks, although we have had the VERY occasional appearance of the sun. I'm doing general stretching and just trying to keep active in general (chasing after my puppy or toddler)
Stretch Marks: Still using Bio-Oil and moisturizer twice daily, no stretch marks to report.

I use this practically all over my body, not just my stomach, legs and boobs. It helps with SO much!
Sleep Status: Lily hasn't had a night terror in 2 nights, however she is now instead fighting me on going to sleep! Argh! I am very happy to report the lack of night terrors though, it's been fantastic to only be getting up 1-2 times a night for the bathroom.
Cravings: Nothing specific. I love 'clean' things at current such as fresh fruit and veg. I am still off sugar, the most sugar I will have is the odd biscuit and even then I don't enjoy the taste of sugar present. 
Clean eating is helping keep any nausea at bay

Mood: I noticed I was a bit emotional this week. I don't get sad generally, I just get annoyed and aggravated with things but this week I noticed I was sincerely upset at the silliest of things (think not having enough pegs to hang out the washing) I'm really hoping this is a short phase.
Excited For: Still excited for my first Antenatal visit with a mid wife at the hospital.

Gender: Still don't know, was very hesitant at the beginning to find out the sex but now I couldn't be more excited. I just want to shop gender specific already! Ha.

I am SUPER excited to start designing the nursery. I'm thinking of drawing up some sketches tonight for a boys and girls room in Microsoft paint so I can then work on a list of what I can start buying now (furniture will be a dark wood finish). I love little DIY projects, so I might pop some crafty stuff in there too.

Next week is JAM packed with things which I hope you enjoy reading about! xx

Until Next Time,

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