Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My Mothers Day

I realize Mothers Day was 2 days ago, but as I have been feeling super drained lately I wasn't able to post this sooner. I hope all you Mummies out there had a beautiful day xxxx

Unfortunately my Fiancee had to work away this Mothers Day, but my super energetic 3 year old wasn't going to let that slow us down. I must say I was granted a great nights sleep, as opposed to the horrible sleeps I've been having 'thanks' to Lily's sudden onset of Night Terrors.
I like to think that was my best present :) haha.

 Lily woke bright and early, and was quite excited, although without a clue as to what Mothers Day entailed, she wanted to start the day by making pancakes, and although I'm sure they weren't for my benefit she tried to reassure me I would love them with chocolate.. We settled for cereal.

Also bright and early was a delivery of GORGEOUS flowers from Lily & Luke. I easily put aside the fact I looked absolutely horrible with hair pointing to the roof and thanked the delivery man as if it was his idea to bring me them.

Anyone that knows or meets Lily thinks she's hilarious. From a really early age she had this great sense of humor, and would go to any length to make you laugh. She has her highs and her lows just like all children, but she always tries (and generally succeeds) in ending the day with a laugh.

This blog post is a little picture heavy but it shows off the character my daughter is.

We had an awesome family feast with some of our relatives around lunch time, and it's safe to say that I ate more than I probably should have but it was an amazing feast!!  I was constantly humored by Lily asking whether or not it was in fact STILL Mothers Day today or her Birthday..which she had last month :) All in all a great day, spent with the little munchkin that makes celebrating my mothers day possible.

I truly feel lucky, loved and exhausted at all times haha.
Thank you Lily 

Until Next time,



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