Monday, May 7, 2012

How to wear Makeup with Glasses

I didn't technically have to wear glasses until I was 18 years old, so it was a shock to my system, suddenly having to wear frames on my face all day, every day. Since I'm too scared and poor not yet prepared to have laser eye surgery, I have adjusted to wearing glasses and have found a few tricks along the way to make them not just a functional accessory, but a fashionable one also.

Here's my suggestions on how to wear makeup with glasses. Remember these are suggestions only.

DISCLAIMER: I am not affiliated with any company to do this post, all links are available for glasses shown below via clicking on the picture. I simply chose the images below as examples.

Geeky & Chic 

Large, thick framed glasses: generally a solid colour

The rule of thumb seems to be that if your glasses are on the thick side, the less makeup that you will need to apply, however if you're like me and wear 'geek' glasses you can always opt to have just as bold of a makeup look as you wish.
My current frames

Tip: Bold lips (whether they be a bright red or a plum) work very well on a night out or even just to pump some colour into your day. If you're not all that into a coloured lip you can focus your attention on eyeliner on the top and bottom of your eye, a smokey look (looks great on just about everyone) and finish off with a dab of your trusty mascara.

        Frame less & Shameless

Opting for Rimless Glasses

Rimless Glasses were the first glasses that I ever wore, with the lack of frame you are granted a much more flexible way to play up your face. There really are no limitations with your make up due to the lack of frame covering your eye area.

However! Due to the Frames being reduced to only on the top or even just the sides, the attention is quickly drawn to your eyebrows. So this area will need careful attention, such as making sure, the arch of the brow is filled.

Tip: If you're not confident in maintaining your eyebrows at home, by all means let a professional show you how to have perfectly crafted eyebrows to compliment your perfectly wonderful Glasses.

 Simplistic Chic

Classic, elegant and simple glasses

This is especially a trending choice with celebrities right now, whatever the colour choice, the frames are generally simple in design, frame the eyes very well and are a classic option for a lot of wearers. 

These types of glasses, although simple, can take away from your face so it is always great to have a basic make up routine.

Tip: Applying some light foundation, complimented with neutral tones will you help avoid looking washed out and dull. 

Basic eyeliner, mascara and some blush application on the apples of your cheeks (think pink or tan depending on skin tone) will help dress up your face without making you look 'overdone.' If you want to add some colour, a pink lip in a flattering shade will work wonders with your glasses, taking you from simple to elegant in a matter of a few minutes. 

Colorful Chic

A nice pop of coloured frames

It's not just celebs who can look fancy in a pair of glasses, with the right know how, you can EASILY dress up your frames along with your face in a few easy steps. If you're a lover of colour, and your frames represent this (any colour besides black basically) then you won't need to apply too much makeup to help you on your way.

Tip: If you want to avoid looking washed out, a light layer of foundation and concealer will help cover any blemishes present. Opt for a soft 'framer' of your face by contouring (with a neutral peach or pink tone blush (depending on your preference/skin tone.) 

A pop of powder on the bridge of your nose will stop any indents from appearing after a long days wear and it'll also help prevent your frames from moving. 
General contouring areas

Love of Vintage

A lover of the 'Vintage' past

Whether your 20 or 90, Vintage doesn't discriminate. If you love the look of a past decade or two or even four, this doesn't have to put any limitation on how you look with your great vintage frames. A softer look for those of us who prefer a less 'trendy' approach to vintage, can easily be obtained with a layer of foundation and some liquid eyeliner on the top of our lids.

Tip: If you want more out of your look, smudging the lower line of your eye with some black eyeliner will help put a little 'drama' into your look, while still keeping the attention on your beautiful eyes. A soft or a bold lip both work well with this look.

There you have it! If you have a frame type that wasn't covered above, feel free to let me know and I will add those in! As always, if you have any suggestions or comment, feel free to...comment below!

Until Next Time,

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