Tuesday, May 29, 2012

How to: Winter Make-up Look

*Infomercial Voice* 
Is winter getting you down? Tired of looking (& possibly feeling) pasty & sick? Well NOT anymore!!

What you'll need
- a sense of humor is fun to have
- your face (preferably clean & free from food)

- a shade or two foundation lighter than your actual skin tone
- a shade or two mineral foundation (can be liquid) DARKER than your actual skin tone
- concealer: conceals things. Let's us look flawlessly flaw free ...flawlessly...
- blusher (in a peachy or semi-dark pink tone)
- mascara 
- eyeliner (optional)
 - eye shadow in warm tones such as dark brown, brown and tan (light brown will be fine)
- lipstick/lip gloss

How can you obtain this look (without the irritating duck face) you ask? Read on!

(Ladies...this look...it's doing you absolutely NO favors...not even with make up on)

Step 1: Concealing: If you 'suffer' from dark circles, red spots, sun damage, freckles (I love them, but some don't) then concealer could be the best friend you've been looking for. As you can see from the very flattering photo below, I put concealer on my cheek and nose area to help 'conceal' my redness. 

Here I am using Starlet Concealer...not nude lipstick.

Step 2: Foundation Application: This is where I apply my 1-2 shades lighter foundation to my T-zone (between your eyes and nose area) also my cheeks, neck and majority of my forehead area. Then take the 1-2 shades DARKER foundation and apply/blend it to the remaining chin, forehead, cheeks, neck area. This is a basic contouring for your face. 

The highlighted areas are purely to show you WHERE to contour, not HOW MUCH of your face :)

Tip: Using the lighter & darker foundations together helps you to avoid looking 'washed out' with just one shade of foundation, it also brings a warmness to your face..very flattering!

Step 3: Blush a little: Whether you're a peachy kind of blush girl or more a soft rosy pink, go ahead and apply your blush to the 'apples' of your cheeks. Don't over do the blush though, remember: subtle application is key

Step 4: The Eyes have it: Before you reach for the trusty Mascara and Eyeliner, be kind to your eyelids and show them some love with some eyeshadow (this will also help 'warm' up your look). I used a trio of warm and here's what I did: I applied the darker shade to the outer corner of my lid, the lightest shade to the inner corner of my lid, the medium brown I used to highlight my brow bone area and blend the dark and light brown together. 

 Then it's time to go ahead and apply your mascara and/or eyeliner (I didn't apply eyeliner)

Step 5: Lips: I've always been a lip gloss girl, but for this look I went all out with lipstick in a shade of Mauve by Revlon, I want to avoid looking like I've had lip injections (my lipstick takes over sometimes) so I used a lip liner for this look also which matched the shade of lipstick (handy!). If your using lipstick and it's more matte than you'd like just plump up with a slick of lip gloss and be on your way.

Tip: Make-up helps us conceal our 'flaws', boost our confidence & accentuate what we already have BUT...don't try and hide your actual personality through makeup, that's not a good look...take it from me, there's not enough concealer in the world to hide my quirky side.

 Until next time,

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