Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Glossybox: March Edition

DISCLAIMER: I do not get paid for these reviews, each review on each individual product is simply my honest opinion.

Last months box was all about boosting our skins health, especially for those of us with a busy schedule, who still want to maintain a healthy appearance to our skin. I'm a big fan of skincare, in recent weeks though I have found myself using fewer and fewer products. Less can sometimes mean a whole lot more benefit to your skin.

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Pricing N/A

Love or Loath?
  • Like. Sure, it's not a loath or a love but I still do like the product. The consistency was easily applied and absorbed, and a huge bonus is the scent wasn't over powering. 
  • This little beauty helps slow down the signs of aging, so it's a great product to have if you're skin care works around prevention and aiding in reducing the appearance of tell-tale aging skin.
  • This wasn't a personal attack on the product, but I like to keep my skin care regime simple. Especially now that I am pregnant, my skin has gone crazy on being oily. This product for me is good, but I am happy with what I am using. 
Would you purchase it? A good product if you're in the market for a cream that helps combat the signs of aging (which lets face it, most facial creams promise to do that, these days) however I wouldn't personally buy it as I am happier with the results I have been getting from my organic skin care regime already.

Were you satisfied with the results? I don't think the results were that substantial for me to make note of them, although the application was easy and the cream didn't leave me feeling oiled up, I don't think the two weeks I trialled the product for helped show me an overall substantial difference.

  DE-COY Panda Pen
Pricing N/A

Love or Loath?
  • Love the Idea. I'm not sure about the execution of this overall as a product, but the point of it is very clever and handy. I am sure as women, we have all had a smudge under the eyelid or two, and it really is a great little thing having the Panda Pen fit into your hand bag for touch ups.
  • I am very finicky about having things close to my eyes (contact lenses were never going to happen) but the Panda Pen lets you feel assured that you're not going to have make-up remover squirting in your eye all of a sudden thanks to it's easy to apply system.
Would you purchase it? There is just something that I can't put my figure on that makes me not give Panda Pen a 10/10, in saying that though, it's a great product, easy to apply, and gives you piece of mind you're not going to stab your eye out trying to take off smudges with a cotton tip, so yes, I would buy this product if the price was reasonable.

Were you satisfied with the results? I was indeed. I always hope that a product will be easy to use, whilst granting you effective results. This doesn't always happen, but in the case of Panda Pen, you can take away the effects of Panda eyes and restore your makeup to looking great.

  EAU THERMALE AVENE Cleansing/ Facial Products
Pricing N/A

Love or Loath?
  • This toner left me feeling very 'fresh' it was very easy to apply, absorbed into my skin with ease, and dried in relatively quick time, allowing me to put my moisturizer on soon after.
Would you purchase it? Although it was refreshing and quickly absorbed, nothing really made this toner stand out from the many others available. So no, I personally wouldn't purchase this product, based on the results I had with it.

Were you satisfied with the results? A toner that is easily absorbed and makes me feel refreshed is always a good start, but the results weren't any different from the other cleansers I have tried.

Pricing N/A

Love or Loath?
  • Disappointed. My hair didn't feel 'soft & silky' as the product description suggests, instead it left my hair feeling like it had product in it, which after blow drying and straightening left me feeling crappy about my hair.
  • I really expected this to be a high quality product, I have a $5 heat protect spray that I buy from my local grocery store that leaves my hair feeling light and protected from the heat of my straightener. I was hoping this would be a higher quality, even better result.
Would you purchase it? No. I have long hair, and I want to protect it from when I do straighten my hair. Products that leave my hair feeling dry and heavy aren't products that I like to spend money on.

Were you satisfied with the results? Not at all, I expected a nicer feeling than what my hair actually felt like. 


PROACTIV Cleansing Body Bar
Pricing N/A

Love or Loath?
  • L-O-V-E! Love. I put this in my little shower caddy and make sure I give my face a good scrub every time I'm in the shower. The little exfoliate beads/lumps aren't' too harsh on the skin and help combat pimples while leaving your skin deeply cleansed. It works!
  • Definitely a converted fan.
Would you purchase it? Yes. Although I don't know how much it is, I will happily sign up for Proactiv, not because Justin Beiber or Katy Perry want me too, but because I saw the results, I felt my skin go from road bumps to smooth super quick and I got my confidence back along with it.

Were you satisfied with the results? I honestly don't know what I was expecting, I always hear how great Proactiv is and how good it works for people but I really didn't expect it to work so quickly.  
And that wraps up the famous 5 for my March Glossybox Edition of 2012. 
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