Friday, May 11, 2012

Glossybox: April Edition

DISCLAIMER: I do not get paid for these reviews, each review on each individual product is simply my honest opinion.

Although I was pretty annoyed disappointed with the arrival of my April box being on the last day of April, I was very happy with the contents of last months box.

Check out the full review below!

NIVEA Body Lotion
Pricing N/A
Love or Loath?
  • I love Nivea, but what I don't necessarily love is it being in my Glossybox. I just find it's not a 'luxury' item, when I can buy it for around $6-7 at my local grocery shop that being said, Nivea Express Hydration, does just that. It absorbs easily into the skin, leaves no oily residue and helps leave my skin feeling soft and nourished..
  • I've used Nivea a bit and the results have always been great, like most things, as long as you are consistent with application. 
Would you purchase it? I have purchased Nivea before and thought it was an all round great product, however, there are other great products on the market currently also that offer the same things so it's more of a 'are you happy with your current skincare regime?' or would you like to try something else. I wouldn't have any troubles recommending it for someone with dry skin.

Were you satisfied with the results? Yes. I live in a colder climate, where hydrating your skin isn't something you generally notice needs doing until you have cracked or flaky skin. A product that quickly absorbs into the skin and promises to keep it hydrated for 24 hours with 'HYDRA IQ' is definitely something that sounds promising.

  YSL FOREVER Youth Liberator Serum
Pricing N/A

Love or Loath?
  • Like. I don't find myself falling into the demographic of 'wrinkle cream' users just yet, however that being said I also find prevention is the key more so then fighting wrinkles when they appear. We all get wrinkles, and YSL forever not only helps combat them on our face and neck but also helps to 'preserve' a youthful appearance.
  • The application doesn't take long to absorb, my face felt smooth afterwards and although it's a few years premature of me saying whether it's really had an effect. I did like using it.
Would you purchase it? Not at the moment. My skincare regime at this point is about getting my skin hydrated and exfoliated, maybe in 2 years or so I will revisit this area.

Were you satisfied with the results? I don't think this really applies to me but in relation to it overall as a product, I was satisfied on how it left my skin feeling and smelling.

  JURLIQUE Intense Recovery Mask
Pricing N/A

Love or Loath?
  • LOVE! This was such a great little 'at home spa' mask, that left my face feeling smooth. I applied it once I had some 'Me' time, left it on for 10 mins as recommended and had a nice hot cup of Tea while I waited. It was super easy to remove, didn't leave any 'claggy' spots at all.
Would you purchase it? I don't know the price of this product so that's tricky, however, based on the results alone, if the product was reasonably priced I would love to purchase it.

Were you satisfied with the results?Very. Not many of us have the luxury of money or time to go to a day spa and just take time  out, so this intense recovery mask is perfect for a 10 minute break from the world.  

LAPURETE- OKURU Protective Day Creme with UVA Defense
Pricing N/A

Love or Loath?
  • Love. This was very surprising for me. I'm in the market for a new face cream as I haven't been 'loving' my current one and this was really hit all the right marks.
  • This little beauty helps combat: wrinkles, UVA radiation damage, sagging skin, skin roughness and a dull complexion. I'm fairly interested in it. Now to find out how much it costs....
Would you purchase it? Yes. I want to keep my skin care routine as consistent as I can, so the effects of putting on face cream every day is evident. However, every now and then a product comes along that is better equipped to suit your skin, and I believe this product for my skin type & needs is THAT product.  

Were you satisfied with the results? Yes! The smell was gentle, yet refreshing. I loved the pump applicator and the fact is was naturally free from petrochemicals (NOT good for your skin) was a mega plus. I love the size of the sample too as if I'm in a hurry in the morning I just pop it in my handbag and apply when I can.


ORGANIC MOROCCAN ARGAN OIL Silicone Free Oil Treatment
Pricing N/A

Love or Loath?
  • I hate when my hair is oily. So deliberately putting oil in my hair at first, seemed very stupid. However I've done my research and listed below the apparent values of this oil:
  •  - Increases your hairs shine
    - Boosts Vitamins through the hair follicle 
    - Provides UV Protection to your hair
    - Reduces the appearance of frizz
    - Leaves your hair moisturized
  • However, I also came across some reviews from oily/combination skin types (which is what I have) and they warned that the oil can and did prove to increase acne breakouts if applied around the hairline too closely. 
  • I was fearful of this happening, but it never did. I applied a small amount to my fingertips and worked it through towel-dried hair, I then let my hair dry naturally and found it felt moisturized and even looked a little shiny (not oily shine, but a nice glossy appearance.)
Would you purchase it? No. Honestly, I loved the moisturized feeling of my hair and the lack of frizz, but I I use a leave in conditioner once a week as it is and this helps combat lack of moisture, frizz and breakage.

Were you satisfied with the results? I was happily surprised that my hair felt so nice after applying the oil, if anything I expected it to feel horribly flat.  

And that lovelies, is the wrap up of April 2012 Glossybox. From this month forward, LustHaveIt will be taking over the reigns from Glossybox, as it stands now I believe the Glossybox Facebook page has now been shut down and we were urged to like the Lust have It page to keep up to date with what is going on. 
Will it be an improvement?

We'll find out soon enough, I'm sure.
Until Next time,

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