Friday, May 4, 2012

Cupcakes: Nail Tutorial

Firstly let me start by writing that you do NOT have to be very artistic to achieve cute cupcake art on your finger nails, a little patience does come in handy but it's more about trying something different if not having some fun.

To achieve this look you will need:

Nail polish (you don't say): base coat, colours for your cupcake
An applicator: this can be a professional nail tool, a tooth pick, end of a bobby pin or what I used; the tip of a pen with no ink left in it.
Icy water (sets your nail polish SUPER quickly)
Preferably a flat surface to work on
A piece of paper/cardboard or just something you can put blobs of nail polish onto

Step 1
Choose a base colour that you'd like to be the background, apply it, let it dry and apply your cupcake base colour (I choose a golden brown for mine)

Step 2
Cupcake icing. I chose just a standard white nail polish for mine, remember you can be as adventurous as your heart desires with your colour choices. I placed some white nail polish onto an old envelope and dipped the tip of my pen (chosen applicator) in then slowly applied the 'icing' to the desired area. (see below)

Tip: Don't stress if yours doesn't look spot on, mine were a little rushed and I still love them. Creating a curvy line over the brown/base of the cupcake gives it the 'dripping icing' look.

Step 3
Now the really fun part! Dots! Pick a few different colours to apply.  I like a lot of bright/fun looking colours so I included: yellow, purple, blue, gold and pink etc.
Tip: You don't have to have dots, you can just have simpler cupcakes by making the icing all one colour with a cherry on top.  It's your creation.

Step 4
The cherry on top! This requires a larger blob than that of your decorative 'sprinkles' make sure though you don't have a huge dripping dot that causes quite a mess. Just a quick dab of polish, and a pat around in a circle should give you your desired size.

Step 5
Cupcake base decoration. This is more a 'bonus' step as once again, it's your cupcake. I added some vertical stripes just to make my cupcake look a little more, 'in the wrapper'

Tip: Low on time or better still patience? You don't have to do cupcakes on every single finger. I opted to only do one cupcake on my right hand and instead incorporated stripes and 'bubbles'  on the remaining fingers (I did the same on my left hand thumb) as I got closer to dinner time I didn't want to take too much longer.

Need your nails to dry in a hurry? If you can manage grabbing some ice cubes, add them to a shallow sink of cold water (alternatively just use icy cold fridge water). Submerge your nails in the water for around 40-60 seconds. This will super dry them in record time, leaving you to do what you need to without stressing over smudged nail art.

And there you have it, it's been done MANY times before but I wanted my readers to have my take on it and I hope if you do give it a try you let me know how it turned out x

Until Next time,

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