Tuesday, May 29, 2012

How to: Winter Make-up Look

*Infomercial Voice* 
Is winter getting you down? Tired of looking (& possibly feeling) pasty & sick? Well NOT anymore!!

What you'll need
- a sense of humor is fun to have
- your face (preferably clean & free from food)

- a shade or two foundation lighter than your actual skin tone
- a shade or two mineral foundation (can be liquid) DARKER than your actual skin tone
- concealer: conceals things. Let's us look flawlessly flaw free ...flawlessly...
- blusher (in a peachy or semi-dark pink tone)
- mascara 
- eyeliner (optional)
 - eye shadow in warm tones such as dark brown, brown and tan (light brown will be fine)
- lipstick/lip gloss

How can you obtain this look (without the irritating duck face) you ask? Read on!

(Ladies...this look...it's doing you absolutely NO favors...not even with make up on)

Step 1: Concealing: If you 'suffer' from dark circles, red spots, sun damage, freckles (I love them, but some don't) then concealer could be the best friend you've been looking for. As you can see from the very flattering photo below, I put concealer on my cheek and nose area to help 'conceal' my redness. 

Here I am using Starlet Concealer...not nude lipstick.

Step 2: Foundation Application: This is where I apply my 1-2 shades lighter foundation to my T-zone (between your eyes and nose area) also my cheeks, neck and majority of my forehead area. Then take the 1-2 shades DARKER foundation and apply/blend it to the remaining chin, forehead, cheeks, neck area. This is a basic contouring for your face. 

The highlighted areas are purely to show you WHERE to contour, not HOW MUCH of your face :)

Tip: Using the lighter & darker foundations together helps you to avoid looking 'washed out' with just one shade of foundation, it also brings a warmness to your face..very flattering!

Step 3: Blush a little: Whether you're a peachy kind of blush girl or more a soft rosy pink, go ahead and apply your blush to the 'apples' of your cheeks. Don't over do the blush though, remember: subtle application is key

Step 4: The Eyes have it: Before you reach for the trusty Mascara and Eyeliner, be kind to your eyelids and show them some love with some eyeshadow (this will also help 'warm' up your look). I used a trio of warm and here's what I did: I applied the darker shade to the outer corner of my lid, the lightest shade to the inner corner of my lid, the medium brown I used to highlight my brow bone area and blend the dark and light brown together. 

 Then it's time to go ahead and apply your mascara and/or eyeliner (I didn't apply eyeliner)

Step 5: Lips: I've always been a lip gloss girl, but for this look I went all out with lipstick in a shade of Mauve by Revlon, I want to avoid looking like I've had lip injections (my lipstick takes over sometimes) so I used a lip liner for this look also which matched the shade of lipstick (handy!). If your using lipstick and it's more matte than you'd like just plump up with a slick of lip gloss and be on your way.

Tip: Make-up helps us conceal our 'flaws', boost our confidence & accentuate what we already have BUT...don't try and hide your actual personality through makeup, that's not a good look...take it from me, there's not enough concealer in the world to hide my quirky side.

 Until next time,

Monday, May 28, 2012

The Gender Countdown

12 Days until we find out if we are having a Baby B or a Baby G!

At first when Luke and I started talking about a possibility of baby#2 my mind shot straight to: Boy!    I already had my 2 y/o daughter, so a baby boy would be a great little addition...but then I realized that although I already have a little girl she is quite the 'Tom boy' and much prefers her dump trucks, diggers, and dinosaurs and wants to be a Knight or a firefighter. So either way I really don't mind :)

Whilst I was in Kmart today...I should probably just work there haha, I wondered on over to my favorite section: *booming voice* The Scrap Book Aisle, and I came across these SUPER adorable and ridiculously affordable scrapbooks and paper stacks for a total of $10! Great Gift Ideas!! x

The Pink set is for Lily as I make her a scrapbook every year and the Blue is a 'stand by' scrapbook set. I'm not confident in my scrap booking abilities just yet to make them for others but I am hoping during this pregnancy I build the courage to do one for my sister-in-law, as our due dates are only 2 days apart.

So for now, my poor Lily gets to have my 'creative practice runs' until I am more confident.

Would you or did you find out the gender of your impending arrival? Let me know in the comments below! And remember, you can follow my blog, via the side tabs for up-to-date tracking :)

I usually do a Motherhood Monday video for my YouTube channel (by usually I mean I've done one previously) but since I've got a cold or some sort of bug going around, I will have to give it a miss this week. If you'd like to check out my previous one just click my YouTube tab up top.

Until next time,

Friday, May 25, 2012

Week 16 Pregnancy Update

Weeks: 16 Weeks (as of 18th May.) Today (25/05/2012) marks the start of Week 17, however I wanted to wait until I had more news on week 16 before uploading this post :)
Bump: Definitely have a baby bump :)  Feeling so great to finally be able to style a baby bump and not the looks of bloat :) haha. Some days my bump seems much larger than other days.

Weight Gain: 3.8 Kilos in total so far. I eat small regular meals and try to make sure what I am eating is fairly healthy. I've also been upping my water intake to avoid headaches. I've noticed my hunger has increased so I always have either Almonds in my handbag to snack on or dry biscuits. So I'm pretty much always seen eating haha.
Symptoms: Heartburn has hit :( ugh, I do not love this stage at all. It's worse after a few hours of eating and also about an hour prior to eating. Nothing substantial but can definitely feel it.
Maternity Clothes: No maternity clothes still! I just did a Kmart haul, which you can check out here I will be investing in some maternity jeans soon though, especially for winter!
Exercise: We've been having such crappy weather here for the last few weeks :( However I am going to order a yoga workout DVD (pregnancy safe) online next week to combat thighs, saggy bum etc all in the comfort of my warm lounge room :) 
Stretch Marks: No new stretch marks BUT my skin is irritatingly itchy!! I'll be looking into a non-irritant moisturizer ASAP, I didn't even know they existed until I read some maternity blogs!
Sleep Status: Still finding it difficult to go to sleep at a reasonable hour. I totally forgot to keep up with the warm milk routine, and usually just opt for some water. Will try and start forcing myself to be at least laying in bed by 10:30!
Cravings: Nothing specific (...still I know) but I still want anything savory no matter what time. This isn't a craving per say, but I have this want to always be baking now... still hate washing up afterwards

Mood: I'm past the overly emotional crying stage (thank gosh) but lately I have been a little irritated. I think it's just a combination of Lily acting out lately and irregular sleep :(
Excited For: Since I've done a few shops for clothes to flatter my new mummy to be shape, I am excited to try them out and not feel so frumpy. I am loving this pregnancy and I just wanted the outside of me to look as nice as how I feel about it inside..if that makes sense. I tested out some new makeup (combined with my existing stuff) I felt so womanly and confident being a little dressed up :) 

Check out the images below.


Gender: Still not sure, still think it's a boy though. Everything about this pregnancy is opposite to that of how I was when pregnant with Lily. Not too long until we can determine it!!
We're thinking of doing a 4D scan to see more detail of baby soon too! Might find out the gender too!

What do you like to do to feel good about yourself? Go to the gym, shopping, makeup? Let me know in the comments below xx

Until Next Time,


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Haul: Kmart, Coles & The Dollar Store



 Lily and I both scored great bargains with our hauls @ Kmart this week: $157.95 for all of the above!

Lily looking rather adorable. Total outfit cost from top to toes: $22

Instead of maternity wear, I opt for non-maternity items in comfy, stretchy material that I can re-use post-baby :) The clearance racks in Kmart were full of things in my size and in styles that flattered my shape (growing belly and boobs)

Here's what I got:
2x Ruffled Dresses (easily team w/ tights, a belt to cinch the waist and a throw over cardigan)
1x Singlet (went bold and bought horizontal stripes)
1x Long black sleeve (lace fitted) top
1x waterfall type cardigan (in emerald and grey)
1x Cut out sleeve top (throw over the top of a plain long sleeve t-shirt)

Make Up:

Starlet Natural Coverage Cream Makeup (In natural Ivory) $6.95
I hadn't ever tried anything from their range previous and I think for me this foundation was a miss by far. The cream didn't spread easily and I felt like I had to use more than I would have liked just to get an even coverage. The match with my complexion was also a little darker than expected although worked with a lighter Ivory shade of pressed powder applied over the top.

Starlet Concealer ( In Neutral) $3-4
I was pleasantly surprised by this concealer. Not only was it affordable, but it was easy to apply and although a little stiff at first to blend, it matched perfectly with my skin tone and I was impressed with just how well it actually concealed my blemishes. Definitely would recommend it!

BeautyCare Co Green Tea Facial Wipes $2
These green tea wipes surprised me by how well they actually removed all my make up. They have a very mild green tea sent and left my skin feeling smooth afterwards. Quite impressed with the quality considering the cost.

The Reject Shop (Cheap Store)

 Small Tin  $1
I am going to be using it to store my bobby pins I'm forever losing

 Canvas Print $3
I needed a pop of colour for my bedside table, and this will suit perfectly with my oriental dolls that sit there already :)
 Candy Colour Frame $3
I have a few photos of Luke and I that I wanted to have framed and sat on my office desk so this was perfect!


 Garnier Fructis Oily Roots/Dry Ends $3 each
I am always on the lookout for that PERFECT shampoo and conditioner that leave my hair non frizzy and feeling a lot less dry. I'm excited to try Garnier Fructis as I've heard really good things about it. Will keep you posted.

 Schick Silk Effects+ $6.75
I used to use this type of razor when I was a teenager to prevent little knicks & cuts, & since I have super sensitive skin I found this works best for me.

 Shower Puff $2
I'm a little bit of a Germ-a-phobe so I buy one of these every little while. In pink...of course

 Clearance: Print T-Shirt  $3
This type of t-shirt is ideal for me because it's stretchy but also something I can add accessories to and dress it up with maybe jeans, a jacket, and boots.

 You made it to the end! Thank you if you did! Haha. I just wanted to show you how I keep things up to date with not only my personal style but in my household also. It doesn't have to be costly at all.

Do you have a go to store for all your bargains? Or do you, like me, shop around? Let me know in the comments below.

Until Next Time,

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

lust have it: May Products

 As you may or may not know, lust have it, have taken over Glossybox Subscribers from this month onward. You could easily observe this box as being highly anticipated from previous Glossybox Subscribers that may not have been all that pleased with their previous experiences.

As a subscriber of only Glossybox before the merge, I wasn't hanging this box/bag as the decider of anything but I was quite excited to see the differences (if any) between the 2 beauty subscriptions. So without further anticipation, I give to you my May Products from lust have it!

Sitting down at my desk I noticed 2 things straight away from opening the outer packaging:
1/ The intoxicating and amazing smell that was present from the Lust have it bag. And...
2/ THE BAG! Oh My Gosh! Not only is it a refreshing 'pop' of pink into my makeup collection, the makeup bag itself is really just another great product from lust have it this month.

Product & Pricing Information:

                        Nicole By OPI Ultimate trend setter's lacquer (3.75 ml sample)
      15 ml: RRP $14.95 

 Roberto Cavalli Eau de Parfum (Sample)
     30 ml: RRP $80.00
Lush- Lust Soap
      100g ml: RRP $6.95

 Babor Lifting Extra Firming Cream (Sample)
     50 ml: RRP $192.00

 De Lorenzo Elements Ocean Mist Sea Salt Styling Spray 95 ml
     95 ml: RRP $23.95

Showface Professional Eyeshadow
RRP $22.95

Want the YouTube video for this post? Then click here or just click my YouTube tab up the top :) be sure to like the video so I know to do more of these type of product videos later on.

If you loved your products (or even if you didn't) be sure to let me know in the comments below! I'll be doing a full review on every product in this months lust have it bag in the coming weeks. To make it easier to keep up with Skinny Budget, feel free to join this blog xx

Until Next Time,

Monday, May 21, 2012

Budgeting for a new baby

I know this is a lengthy post, but I had a LOT of information to share :)

Remember these are just my suggestions when it comes to budgeting for a new baby, they are in no way strict guidelines to follow.

This step can help you source what YOU NEED from the potential hundreds of things suggested to you to buy when expecting a baby from either: the Internet, your baby books or even a pregnancy app on your phone.

- Begin writing down the first few things you can think of that you'd LIKE to have for the baby. They can be a mix of wants, would love to have and even the items you've been told you CANNOT possibly do without. Title this: My choices

- Ask you friends and family (even better if they have young children or have recently had a baby themselves) if they had bought anything for their child/children that they found they didn't really need. Write these items on your list with a separate title: Recommendations. Don't be afraid to ask WHY they didn't use the item.

It's time for step 2. Don't fret that you may have missed something, the important things are sleeping, eating, the car ride home and anything else will be covered before the baby arrives.
Go through the list with a friend/family member/partner if it helps and start to look at the things you don't necessarily have to buy BEFORE the baby arrives e.g a highchair doesn't need to be a top priority for a few months.
Online shopping is a great option, especially if you're almost at your due date and don't feel like battling the shoppers and traffic. If you have your heart set on a certain brand or type of product, make sure you shop the absolute heck out of it via research. Just because a shop is advertising 20% off that said product, doesn't mean you can't get a much better deal on it online or at another shop.

- The great thing about shops that have the online shopping option is they generally advise you if an item is in store, how many are left and at what price. This can make you feel more at ease you won't miss out on the item straightaway just by knowing your other choices.
If the thought of the total expense is getting you down, look at how you can tackle some of the top priority items.
- Lay buy is a great option for a lot of people, no matter their income, as it allows you to purchase the items over your pregnancy without taking away all your income in one purchase. Lay buys generally come with a minimum deposit (on the spot) and repayments, find out what you can afford to pay and go from there (I've never come across a company that makes you pay an early payment fee for finishing your lay buy early)

- Small items such as bibs, clothing items, toys, bouncer chair, even bottles and sterilizers can be purchased weekly. Just aim to buy one thing a week for the baby, it could range from $5-$300 for a baby monitor. Whatever you can afford.
Whether you opt to have one or not, baby showers can be a great way for friends and family to feel more involved in your pregnancy and offer heaps of great little presents that can take the ease of you buying them or worrying you don't have enough of something.

BUT sometimes, and this happens A LOT! Baby showers can mean you end up with TOO much of something you already have/ may not ever use and not enough of the things you'd love your baby to use. So, my tip for avoiding this is simple. Don't be afraid to let people know what you would love to have, just make sure you can give as much notice to them about it as possible.

People want to feel helpful and involved and by them knowing what you NEED or WANT and not having to guess, it makes everyone MUCH happier.

So there you have it, my 5 How to Budget for Baby Tips. All the best of luck and love to those who are currently expecting or just had a baby.

Until next time,


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