Monday, April 30, 2012

Week 12 Pregnancy Update

This post is 10 days late, I do apologize, I haven't been able to turn my computer on successfully until today..technical dramas I just couldn't work out.

Without further wait...

Weeks: 12 Weeks (April 20th)
Bump: I feel like 'the bump' has really made itself known now. I even had two girls discussing at Coles whether I was pregnant or just fat. Some people are soooo lovely, aren't they? Ha Ha

Weight Gain: 3 Kilos
Symptoms: My acne is clearing up relatively well, I'm finding I am only nauseous if I leave it a little too long in between meals. I am however experiencing the 'joyful' sensation of my ligaments stretching every now and then, have to say, it's not the greatest feeling.
Maternity Clothes: Still no need for maternity clothes as I was SUPER fortunate to be the receiver of an almost entirely new wardrobe of clothes a family friend was getting rid of, I had to buy 30 coat hangers just to accommodate all of them. I have never had this many clothes ever...except maybe when I was a baby..even then.
Exercise: I have been so terrible with my exercise lately, if it's not the rain or cold weather stopping me it's my lack of energy and drive. 'Luckily' I have a very energetic 3 year old that requests I play 'tag' and 'dancing' games with her every day.
Stretch Marks: No new stretchies to report, I am expecting to have to up my skin care routine closer to the end of the pregnancy though, when stretch marks are more likely to occur. I am using Bio-Oil twice daily, and applying moisturizing lotion also twice a day to help prevent stretch marks and dry skin.

Sleep Status: I still have broken sleep :( my poor Lily is experiencing Night Terrors lately and from what I've researched/ been told, they can occur anywhere from 18 months to 6 years of age. Lets hope it's not for another 3 years+ shall we?
Cravings: I'm still very much 'off' sugar, I really can't stand the thought of lollies, too much sugar in my Tea or even a piece of chocolate. I feel so lucky. Pre- pregnancy, nothing came in the way of me and a chocolate bar I'm sad to say.
Mood: Excited and exhausted. Although my nausea and acne are looking to clear, my energy has made a move away from me and I miss it very much. 
Best Moment of the Week: My 12 week ultrasound! The baby really looked like a baby!! It was my first ultrasound for this pregnancy so I was excited and anxious to see that everything was normal, and where it should be (which is all was)
Excited For: I'm looking forward to seeing a midwife at the hospital. I like my doctor, but there is just something...I don't know, for me, more involving when you go to the hospital, so it will be nice to start seeing a midwife soon.

Be sure to check out Week 13 Pregnancy Update! I am uploading that today also, from now on though my pregnancy weeks will be updated every Friday. I do apologize once again, for the delay x

Until Next time,

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