Monday, April 30, 2012

Week 13 Pregnancy Update

Weeks: 13 Weeks (as of 27th April)
Bump: Definitely have a small bump, I've heard that it's very common for women in subsequent pregnancies to show earlier, and I thought I was showing more than I had in my first pregnancy but after digging up a photo of me with Lily at 13 weeks, I'm not convinced now.

Weight Gain: 3-3.5 Kilos
Symptoms: Still lack of energy, exhausted most times.
Maternity Clothes: Still no need for them as yet, although in general I do need to buy more pants. I have 2 pairs of jeans and since I now live in Victoria...that is NOT good enough by any standard. 
Exercise: Another week of being slack! I want to start either prenatal yoga or Pregnancy Safe Pilates, whether that be through a class or at home.
Stretch Marks: Still no new ones, still am using my Bio-Oil and Moisturizer twice daily.

Sleep Status: Unfortunately still having broken sleep, although the urge to go to the bathroom 5-6 times a night has dulled down to 2-3. Hoo-rah!
Cravings: Steamed vegetables. Ha ha yep, I love chowing down on vegetables, which isn't a huge thing as I've always preferred to eat my fruit and veg over meat.
Mood: Normal. I miss my energy, and the ability to do things that came with it, but it's slowly coming back.
Excited For: I have my first Antenatal appointment with the hospital on the 10th May, I think that always makes it more real when you're consulting with a mid wife. Also, as each week draws to an end, we are getting closer to finding out the gender of our baby! Yay!!

I also am lucky enough to be able to experience this pregnancy with my sister-in-law who is only 2 days behind me, so that's always exciting to compare notes and see how the other is going. 
Gender: Still too early to tell, if you want to have a guess, feel free. We are going to find out the sex and we will let you all know when we do. I thought for the first 2 months, 100% boy, but now...I don't know, I just don't feel as confident ha ha. 

Now that I have caught you all up to pace on my pregnancy, I will be regularly updating every FRIDAY for the pregnancy and subsequent days will have other agendas. Hope you all had a good start to the week. 

Look out for tomorrow's blog, it covers skincare and how to tackle pesky pimples without being expensive or too confusing.

Until next time,

Week 12 Pregnancy Update

This post is 10 days late, I do apologize, I haven't been able to turn my computer on successfully until today..technical dramas I just couldn't work out.

Without further wait...

Weeks: 12 Weeks (April 20th)
Bump: I feel like 'the bump' has really made itself known now. I even had two girls discussing at Coles whether I was pregnant or just fat. Some people are soooo lovely, aren't they? Ha Ha

Weight Gain: 3 Kilos
Symptoms: My acne is clearing up relatively well, I'm finding I am only nauseous if I leave it a little too long in between meals. I am however experiencing the 'joyful' sensation of my ligaments stretching every now and then, have to say, it's not the greatest feeling.
Maternity Clothes: Still no need for maternity clothes as I was SUPER fortunate to be the receiver of an almost entirely new wardrobe of clothes a family friend was getting rid of, I had to buy 30 coat hangers just to accommodate all of them. I have never had this many clothes ever...except maybe when I was a baby..even then.
Exercise: I have been so terrible with my exercise lately, if it's not the rain or cold weather stopping me it's my lack of energy and drive. 'Luckily' I have a very energetic 3 year old that requests I play 'tag' and 'dancing' games with her every day.
Stretch Marks: No new stretchies to report, I am expecting to have to up my skin care routine closer to the end of the pregnancy though, when stretch marks are more likely to occur. I am using Bio-Oil twice daily, and applying moisturizing lotion also twice a day to help prevent stretch marks and dry skin.

Sleep Status: I still have broken sleep :( my poor Lily is experiencing Night Terrors lately and from what I've researched/ been told, they can occur anywhere from 18 months to 6 years of age. Lets hope it's not for another 3 years+ shall we?
Cravings: I'm still very much 'off' sugar, I really can't stand the thought of lollies, too much sugar in my Tea or even a piece of chocolate. I feel so lucky. Pre- pregnancy, nothing came in the way of me and a chocolate bar I'm sad to say.
Mood: Excited and exhausted. Although my nausea and acne are looking to clear, my energy has made a move away from me and I miss it very much. 
Best Moment of the Week: My 12 week ultrasound! The baby really looked like a baby!! It was my first ultrasound for this pregnancy so I was excited and anxious to see that everything was normal, and where it should be (which is all was)
Excited For: I'm looking forward to seeing a midwife at the hospital. I like my doctor, but there is just something...I don't know, for me, more involving when you go to the hospital, so it will be nice to start seeing a midwife soon.

Be sure to check out Week 13 Pregnancy Update! I am uploading that today also, from now on though my pregnancy weeks will be updated every Friday. I do apologize once again, for the delay x

Until Next time,

Friday, April 13, 2012


I'm so sorry that lately my posts have been few and far between one another. For the last 7 weeks I have been feeling super sick, but for a very exciting reason. I'm having another baby! Our little family of 3 will soon be a family of 4 this November.

At 4 weeks (the day we found out)

I still want this blog to be an ever-present part of my life and a window into my world so I've decided instead of doing purely a style driven or baby driven blog, I will incorporate both into Skinny Budget. After all, a baby can be expensive and an expectant mum still wants to feel awesome some days if not all of them. 

With my first pregnancy, nausea was a constant 'companion' until week 14-15. I'm currently 11 weeks so I am REALLY hoping that nausea goes away soon, if not today ha-ha...sigh*

I looked around on a few blogs and noticed a few had consistent updates on set days and gave insight into their pregnancy via a questionnaire -sort blog post, seeing as my weeks roll over on a Friday this is the day that I will be updating you all on my progress, adopting a similar questionnaire-type post.

Luke and I are ecstatic and while Luke is hoping boy I don't mind, though seeing as I already have a little Lily it'd be nice to have a little dude in the family. I've listed below some information, if you have any ideas or want to guess what the sex may be, then be sure to comment below.

If you have any dramas with commenting, just let me know. You can add me (if you haven't already) on Facebook.

Weeks: 11 Weeks today
Bump: It looks more like bloat at the moment.

Weight Gain: 1.5 Kilos
Symptoms: Hormonal Acne on my chin and jaw line, nausea which is set off randomly (quite frustrating) and needing to use the bathroom a lot more.
Maternity Clothes: Non as yet, although I did just recently do a Rockmans shopping spree so I will post a Haul Tag on here shortly
Exercise: I have been doing light exercise via walking my dog and playing Kinect on Xbox (don't laugh, if you're not prepared it will own you...or just me..because I'm super unfit)
Stretch Marks: No new ones. I do have a faint few on my thigh from my 1st pregnancy (random) and a tiny patch on my bottom right hand side of my tummy. I am using Bio-Oil at the moment, though I might see about changing to something else as it makes me feel really oily and takes a little while to dry.

Sleep Status: Broken sleep at the moment, I need to get up for the bathroom 2-3 times every night which has not been fun seeing as it's getting colder during the night time.
Cravings: Nothing specific at the moment.
Mood: A little on the roller coaster side, fairly calm but when the nausea is there I'm fairly moody.
Excited For: The 12 week ultrasound next week. Very excited to finally have some sort of image to look at and coo over (tragic isn't it?) 

Well that's all from me for now, make sure you tune in for tomorrow's update on my Rockman's Haul.

Until next time,


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