Monday, February 20, 2012

Valentine's Day Glossybox: February

Fantastic coloured box, gorgeous love hearts card, cute pink 'safety stuffing.' This box is the perfect representation of Valentines day, it even came with cute candy!

I thoroughly enjoyed testing out all of the valentines day GlossyBox products that I received. Like many of you, I am in love with the Valentines Day appropriate colour of the box and secretly wish all of GB's boxes were this colour! I must mention that I am not paid for any reviews done of this blog and these are my honest opinions.

Check out the full review below!

BOBBI BROWN Lash Glamour Extreme Lengthening Mascara
$48/6 ml

Love or Loath?
  • LOVE! I have been in the market for a new mascara and Bobbi Brown was a company I didn't even think to try. I've heard a lot about them [as a company] through the press, but it wasn't until I tried this mascara that I really started paying attention.
  • It's easy to apply, a great size, easy removal. I had run out of make up remover pads, but luckily for me a little warm watered face wash and its no stress. Obviously heavy rain would have the same effect too...but that's probably not the best option haha.
  • It gives you a long, fuller lash look without any clumping. The brush itself makes applications to individual lashes clearly visible.
Would you purchase it? Although I love it, I need more staying power, at $48 you'd want to make sure a water proof mascara WASN'T what you were really after, it's easy to remove process is a double edged sword in the terms of not having much staying power around water. It does give an amazing look to your face, but I can't guarantee I won't cry during a sad movie and turn myself into a raccoon-eyed cry baby.

Were you satisfied with the results? The results are great. Individual lashes receive the full treatment of the brush and as a result you have longer and fuller looking lashes. I was grateful for its easy to remove quality but at the same time, cautious that it didn't run.

JANE IREDALE Tantasia Self Tanner
$54/ 124 ml

Love or Loath?
  • Average. I can count all the times on one hand I have ever gotten a fake tan from a professional. On the other hand I can count the self-tanners I have purchased from my local groceries. They all have one thing in common, the smell makes me feel disgusting, its unavoidable and it makes me feel dirty. This Jane Iredale product was unfortunately no different.
  • I liked that it has moisturizing properties but I personally have never been a huge fan of tinted moisturizers, however a few of my girlfriends do so it's a possible recommendation. 
Would you purchase it? See above points. I wouldn't purchase this product personally as it's not relevant to my beauty needs/ wants.

Were you satisfied with the results? The results were also average on myself. I didn't notice all that much tanning, even after 2 applications. All in all I was happy to just test it out and see what happened.

PROACTIV Deep Cleansing Wash
$39.95/ 124 ml

Love or Loath?
  • LOVE! I'm a believer now! I had broken out in pimples only 24 hours prior to receiving my GlossyBox and thought: Great! I'll give this a go. From the first application, I could feel tingling in the target areas of my pimples (chin and forehead). The next day my pimples were less red and following day they [my pimples] were dried out, redness free and looking A LOT better.
  • I know how horrible pimples can make you feel, I suggest to try this stuff if nothing else has worked!
Would you purchase it? Absolutely. I'm super happy to have gotten the exclusive GlossyBox offer to (the card we received in the box) saving us $10 (AU). I have been using an organic exfoliate, toner and moisturizer for a few weeks and the results have not met even close to that of Proactiv after only 48 hours use.

Were you satisfied with the results? My face is not only redness, sore and pimple free, I am also happy to report I haven't received anymore pimples since my first application.

STAR AND ROSE Floral Wonderland Emergency Nail Files
Pricing Upon Request

Love or Loath?
  • At first I scoffed. Ha! Nail files... but then I needed them, my nail ripped at the corner while I was out and usually I'd have ripped it off and had an odd looking nail. BUT I remembered scoffing at the nail files and putting them in my handbag. After using them and potentially saving my nail from being butchered I love them.
  • They are tiny enough to fit in your wallet OR handbag, but strong enough to file your nail without being flimsy. Scoff if you will at them, but they are useful.
Would you purchase it? I haven't requested to know the price of them, and honestly with the sample pack I've received I won't need to restock for some time. I'd like to think they're affordable, as most nail files these days, are quite creative-looking for very reasonable prices

Were you satisfied with the results? Yes, I expected them to be quite flimsy given the size. But they are tough little cookies not to be underestimated. 


$7.99/ 10 ml

Love or Loath?
  • LOVE! Affordable. Tick. Effective. Tick. Long Lasting. Tick. ADORABLE SHADES. Tick.
  • This little beauty, not only goes on easy, it' s drying time is very fast and it's lasting power is even more impressive. I am wearing the above shade [Fuchsia] right this moment and it's a beautiful colour that would suit any skin tone.
Would you purchase it? Yes. $8 is within my spending budget and since it's staying power matches that of a far more expensive polish, it's money well spent. 

Were you satisfied with the results? Quite satisfied. I didn't really have expectations for this nail polish, but it's certainly set the bar for future polishes to meet. Spoil yourself and have a mani -pedi day at home with results to rival the shops. 

There you have it loves, the Valentines Day Inspired February Glossybox Review.

Did you enjoy it? Let me know in the comments below :)

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