Saturday, February 18, 2012

EYE have missed you!!

I feel awful. I've been a terrible blogger and I am truly sorry. If you don't already know, we recently moved two states to Victoria from Queensland. Not temporarily, this trip is for good (that's the plan.) So everything as you may imagine, has been...hectic!!

Our Internet is officially working now, I like to think I am somewhat tech minded. No where near as close to what my fiancee is capable of doing but not technologically retarded either. So after a trip to the electronics store and another trip to Kmart, everything is plugged in, corded up and ready to go. Yee-Ha!

I should also note I have new glasses. They're a lot bigger then my previous two pairs and as such, give my face a completely different look, some may argue too big... they may be right but I am utterly in love with my huge specs. What do you think?

 The brand is Red or Dead, I also got a pair of Ray Ban look-a-like sunglasses (prescriptions) to help with my problem of not being able to wear any form of eye protectors when driving. After these glasses I am going to trial contacts for a few months. I've got two weddings this year and I just want to have the opportunity to be glasses free for 2 days out of the year...and still be able to see.

Also make sure you keep an eye out for my February Glossybox review too. I was absolutely impressed with the contents this month and enjoyed thoroughly testing them all out.

My favorite product by far would have to be my Proactive cleansing wash, my hormones have been out of whack lately (I blame copious amounts of stress) so my skin's been breaking out like nobodies business, yet after using proactive, it's dried out the pimples and helped them heal much quicker. And nope, I am not paid to say that.

Whilst out and about today for coffee and lunch I also dropped into Priceline and scored myself this cute little L'Oreal package, already a bargain at $39 it was down to $15. It's AH-MAZING. I love the lip colour (shiny grapefruit), the eyeshadow shimmer (hourglass beige) and my new 4D mascara (it's a must if you're not a fan of fake lashes.)

I must say though, I really am lacking in warmer clothes, even my jeans are built for summer. I'm more of an online shopper at heart so it'll be easy to shop around without getting physically exhausted haha, I don't often like walking around the shops unless I've had caffeine, than I am on a mission.

Well that's it for me lovelys but be sure to check out my Feburary Glossybox Review very shortly.

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