Saturday, February 25, 2012

DIY Wedding Invitations

DIY isn't always about saving money, in fact in some circumstances, going down the path of DIY can become more expensive then simply purchasing something pre made. DIY wedding invitations and save the dates could easily fall into either end: saving or spending more.

For my DIY adventure of making my own save the dates & wedding invitations, I knew I could/ possibly would fall into the 'costing more' side. But I was okay with that, as long as I gave it 110% and they came out looking remotely close to that of my favorite pre- made design I had found on Google.

In total I have spent $90.00 which includes the following:

30 +  Save the date cards and envelopes
30 + Wedding Invitations and envelopes
Black Ink Cartridge for printer
Coloured Ink Cartridge for printer

Not only do I have all my wedding invites and save the dates done, I also have left over card and envelopes to include maps, accommodation and tourist information for all our outer-state guests attending. I had looked at hundreds and hundreds of Google images prior, to get an idea of what it was I was after and went from there.

Here's what I'd suggest if thinking about going down the path of DIY wedding invites/ save the dates:

- Know your budget. Know what you are able/ willing to spend on materials BEFORE buying them.

- Have a design in mind, this will help you save costs if you decide during the making of one design,   that you'd much prefer a completely different one and then need to re purchase materials.

- If you get easily flustered or stressed it's probably best to either have someone help you make them OR have them custom made elsewhere. Some DIY ventures turn sour because it is not realized how time consuming it can sometimes be.

- Have fun with it! Let your creativity run wild, don't make this a stressful venture, make this a DIY adventure (sorry couldn't help but drop a rhyme)

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