Saturday, January 14, 2012

OOTD: Warmer Layers

I am still on a fairly tight budget at the moment, we've just moved states and are settling into a new routine, so with that our budget and my ability to ignore sales is more than ever being tested.

Moving to a much more erratic weather system I knew I didn't have the clothes that were a simple requirement to live happily. So yesterday, armed with $50 I hit up Kmart in hope of some supplies.

2x pairs of spray on jeans ($10ea)
And 1x slinky grey jumper later

I was a little more equipped. Layering seems to be the norm, so today with most things in packing still, I came up with this simple look.

What's your go to winter-ish look? (even though it's technically summer right now)


  1. Wow, those jeans look fabulous! Were they really only $10 each? If so, great bargain!

  2. Thanks lovey, they are SUPER comfy, and yep, only $10. They have them in a darker wash or black too x



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