Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Lily loves Pearl: Products Review

I was sent some products from Lily loves Pearl to trial and review, I love the company as I share with them a great passion for organic skin care so I thought this would be great.

Why I Love the company:
- no animal testing
- naturally derived
- great packaging (environmentally friendly)
- Australian made & owned
- Certified organic ingredients

Below are the products and my honest opinion of each one individually. I was NOT paid for this review, this is simply my opinion.

What it is: Replenish Me 3 Roses Hand Creme.

Love or Loathe:
- Like. When applying to my skin, I likened the consistency of it to that of sun block. It wasn't as smooth as I was expecting.
- The smell isn't great, I expected a strong rose smell but it was quite a soap scent instead. Not terrible, just not overly scented which again people may prefer.

Would you recommend it? Possibly if someone I knew was looking for a light scented, organic hand cream, otherwise no. For the simple fact hand Creme is one of those items people like to incorporate into their existing style.

OVERALL: 4/10 It is a nice product, but it doesn't fit into my likes of a hand cream apart from being organic

What it is: Hydrating Botanical Toner

Love or Loathe? Love! It makes me feel refreshed, helps refine my pores and also works as a prep agent for applying my moisturizer.

Would you recommend it? Yes. Organic skin care gets overlooked far too often. I think Lily loves Pearl have done a great job all round with this toner, I can take it with me in my bag and spray some on if I am feeling like a pick me up.

OVERALL: 9/10 Love it! It's a great smell, a great product and a great way to pick yourself up without another cup of coffee.

What it is: Vanilla Husk & Honey Body Creme

Love or Loathe:
- Love! Love! Love! The smell is amazing, very light fragrance but its beautiful!
- The application is great, easily absorbs and non greasy.
- It is such a calming and gentle product I am in love with!

Would you recommend it? Definitely!! You don't need to use all that much and it's a soft fragrance that could very well double as your perfume for the day.

OVERALL: 8/10 one of the best body cremes I have ever tried. The fragrance may not be for everyone though.

There you have it loves, three more organic products that I've set about trying so you can have a peek and see what you think.

Until next time,

Rainbow xox

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