Friday, January 6, 2012

Breaking Out

Skin type: oily breaking out: affirmative

My skin is letting me know right now that it's not happy. Sure, I have naturally oily skin to start with but combine that with the amount of oily fatty foods I've been consuming and you've got yourself one large stomping ground for oil filled pimples. Yikes.

So with all the different types of fix it remedies out there, which one do you do? Here are my 3 very simple DIY to help aide you to recovery or assist you with prevention of the problem itself.

Yes they're more so common sense, but a great reminder that you have the tools yourself to fix you most of the time.

Avoid fatty foods: obvious right? Not always. Food that are high in oil and fats aren't always found in fast food areas. Check your food labels and be smart about your intake of bad fats

Avoid lathering your face with makeup: don't be fooled, lathering your already sore and red face with makeup will not only NOT hide the acne, it'll generally intensify the acne itself. Opt for minimal makeup where you can. If you HAVE to wear makeup, remember to properly clean and wash your face when you're able to.

Get sleep: wait..I thought this would definitely have a product involved! Nope. Lack of sleep, can cause your hormones to go crazy. Crazy hormones only contribute to your sore and blotchy face.

You can have all the products that the market says you MUST HAVE but at the end of the day, helping to fight the cause of the problem and not just the problem itself is your ticket to a clean, more confident boosting face.

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