Friday, January 27, 2012

OOTD: Australia Day

Simple and beachy. This ensemble consisted of an Australia day singlet curtesy of Coles ($10), my black and white puff skirt from Kmart ($10), my trusty hat also from Kmart ($11) and lastly my gladiator sandals that I've had for 5 years that cost me $25 from Spendless Shoes (I think).

The day was all about fish and chips, the too cold for me to accept swimming in beach waves, and sight seeing some of the beautiful country that makes up Australia.

What did you do today?

Until next time,

Rainbow xoxo

Thursday, January 19, 2012

OOTD: Pretty in Pink

With my clothes mainly packed, i've had to get inventive with my choices of late, to avoid feeling in a rut (again).

Fluro pink isn't exactly a choice of color for myself very often. Today though, I'm feeling pretty in pink.

I picked up a hot pink singlet from Target for $8 and the fluro singlet was a pass on from a girlfriend. Stuck for something to wear today I thought 'why not?' and chucked on this pink ensemble.

Looking in the mirror I instantly loved it, I think fluro pants would have been a nail in the coffin but the jeans work well with such a bold color choice.

I'm opting for my trusty black ballet flats, I would love to wear a heel but it's really not too pratical when the bulk of my exercise comes from running after my 2 year old.

What are your thoughts?? Would you wear a fluro color?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wish list Wednesday

Hi lovies!! Im sorry for my inconsistent posts of late, I know there can be such frustration with random spats of posts then nothing.

As you may know from reading previous posts, I have moved and am currently trying to apply for houses, keep a toddler happy/in line and master the art of blogging on my IPhone.

My wish list for this week (until next Wednesday is as follows)

- find a place to rent with 3+ b/rooms
- master heels (I'm a flats girl) funnily enough I own 5 pairs of black high heels, yet I always go to my trusty $10 target ballet flats.
- have a blog post done on some of my recent cheap purchases that have turned out to gems! (Think target, Kmart and even Coles!)

A very simple wish list compared to that of the other previous ones (check them out) I will also do an OOTD post for tomorrow with what I'm wearing now. It's a jeans and a tee type ensemble but I'm into layers at the moment thanks to the bi-polar weather we have here in Victoria.

Until next time,

Rainbow xox

Saturday, January 14, 2012

OOTD: Warmer Layers

I am still on a fairly tight budget at the moment, we've just moved states and are settling into a new routine, so with that our budget and my ability to ignore sales is more than ever being tested.

Moving to a much more erratic weather system I knew I didn't have the clothes that were a simple requirement to live happily. So yesterday, armed with $50 I hit up Kmart in hope of some supplies.

2x pairs of spray on jeans ($10ea)
And 1x slinky grey jumper later

I was a little more equipped. Layering seems to be the norm, so today with most things in packing still, I came up with this simple look.

What's your go to winter-ish look? (even though it's technically summer right now)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tackling Pimples

I like to think I'm a fairly confident young woman in most aspects but (and yes, there's a but) I am not always confident when I am breaking out in pimples.

With stress, a little extra chocolate consumption and being lazy with makeup removal lately, I have been granted a one way pass to pimple land. So here's how I am treating it:

- First I make myself aware of what is my trigger for stress. We want to not only aide the pimples to recovery, we also want to take away the stressor (as much as possible) did you know even smiling can help release endorphins that make us feel better.

- Hydrate. Remember your skin is your body's largest organ, so help it help itself by keeping well hydrated.

- Make sure your make up is OFF before your head touches your pillow. I know how easy it is to forget or not be bothered to at the end of a day but it'll help you significantly. You don't want to suffocate or clog your pores with heavy make up so be sure to wash it off.

- Have a good cleansing routine. I have only just started my second week of this but I am already MUCH happier with how I am looking. If it's organic cleansers you are interested in, then just look at my post for Lily loves Pearl products for some information on organic products.

Little extra's to remember:
- If you HAVE to squeeze your pimples, make sure you wash the area thoroughly after with make up remover pads (or similar) to eliminate the oil you've secreted.

-Hormone changes/imbalances can trigger painful breakouts, aide your skin to recovery by having a good diet and incorporate exercise into your lifestyle (even if it's a little bit at first)

- Some makeup remover wipes can sometimes irritate sensitive skin, I have a post on natural makeup removers which uses olive oil and water.

Whats your secret? Let me know in the comments below. Don't forget to follow the blog too so you're always in the loop.

Until next time,

Rainbow xox

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Lily loves Pearl: Products Review

I was sent some products from Lily loves Pearl to trial and review, I love the company as I share with them a great passion for organic skin care so I thought this would be great.

Why I Love the company:
- no animal testing
- naturally derived
- great packaging (environmentally friendly)
- Australian made & owned
- Certified organic ingredients

Below are the products and my honest opinion of each one individually. I was NOT paid for this review, this is simply my opinion.

What it is: Replenish Me 3 Roses Hand Creme.

Love or Loathe:
- Like. When applying to my skin, I likened the consistency of it to that of sun block. It wasn't as smooth as I was expecting.
- The smell isn't great, I expected a strong rose smell but it was quite a soap scent instead. Not terrible, just not overly scented which again people may prefer.

Would you recommend it? Possibly if someone I knew was looking for a light scented, organic hand cream, otherwise no. For the simple fact hand Creme is one of those items people like to incorporate into their existing style.

OVERALL: 4/10 It is a nice product, but it doesn't fit into my likes of a hand cream apart from being organic

What it is: Hydrating Botanical Toner

Love or Loathe? Love! It makes me feel refreshed, helps refine my pores and also works as a prep agent for applying my moisturizer.

Would you recommend it? Yes. Organic skin care gets overlooked far too often. I think Lily loves Pearl have done a great job all round with this toner, I can take it with me in my bag and spray some on if I am feeling like a pick me up.

OVERALL: 9/10 Love it! It's a great smell, a great product and a great way to pick yourself up without another cup of coffee.

What it is: Vanilla Husk & Honey Body Creme

Love or Loathe:
- Love! Love! Love! The smell is amazing, very light fragrance but its beautiful!
- The application is great, easily absorbs and non greasy.
- It is such a calming and gentle product I am in love with!

Would you recommend it? Definitely!! You don't need to use all that much and it's a soft fragrance that could very well double as your perfume for the day.

OVERALL: 8/10 one of the best body cremes I have ever tried. The fragrance may not be for everyone though.

There you have it loves, three more organic products that I've set about trying so you can have a peek and see what you think.

Until next time,

Rainbow xox

Monday, January 9, 2012

Product OTD: Superlong Wear Gel

This is NOT a paid review. Mirenesse had a promotion through Glossybox last year, where you simply requested the item through their website and it was sent to you to trial.

So after having it packed away in my makeup bag for a while I thought id take it out and try it on.

Love or Loathe? Love. It's an electric blue color so I was hesitant but it works! No matter the skin tone, if applied right this color is flattering.

Application: Easy. The brush glides through the product and onto the skin with ease. There's no messy marks or clean ups.

Would I buy it? Yes, but probably on black. I do love the electric colors but this product for me, would be perfect in black.

Recommend? If you don't particularly like eyeliner pencils or liquid liners then definitely give the gel liner a chance. Easy to apply and I've had no smudges :)

I know it's a short post, I'm still in the midst of our move, don't fret though it'll be back to large posts and tips soon enough :)

Until next time,

Rainbow xx

Saturday, January 7, 2012


On a budget but needing a few items, I ventured into the after-christmas sales and was pleasantly surprised by what I found.

Not only was there no pushing or shoving from crazed shoppers, but I was also pleasantly surprised by the amount of bargains to be had..still.

Check below on what I hauled home to show hubby-to-be. Please don't think I am bragging about what I bought, I just love seeing other people hauls (generally on super expensive items though) so here's the scoop on my little Christmas sale spree :)

Miss Co Handbag $30 (was 69.95)

Summer Hat: Kmart $11.50 (was $17)

Glasses case: $2.00

Nivea Deodorant: $4.00

Fructis Shampoo & Conditioner: $8.00 ($4 each from Priceline)

Hilary Duff-With Love: $29.00 (was $68.00) from a chemist...I can't remember the name though sorry.

And there you have it, very minuscule haul but a spree none the less. I must note I love the following shops for sales:

- Harris Scarf (bought a 42 pc dining set for $59 saved $250)

- Kmart (bought an Angry Birds phone protector for $8.44 saved $8+)

- Target (bought some licensed print t-shirts for far more than 50% off)

What did you buy during your Christmas/ new year period?

Until next time,

Rainbow xox

Friday, January 6, 2012

Breaking Out

Skin type: oily breaking out: affirmative

My skin is letting me know right now that it's not happy. Sure, I have naturally oily skin to start with but combine that with the amount of oily fatty foods I've been consuming and you've got yourself one large stomping ground for oil filled pimples. Yikes.

So with all the different types of fix it remedies out there, which one do you do? Here are my 3 very simple DIY to help aide you to recovery or assist you with prevention of the problem itself.

Yes they're more so common sense, but a great reminder that you have the tools yourself to fix you most of the time.

Avoid fatty foods: obvious right? Not always. Food that are high in oil and fats aren't always found in fast food areas. Check your food labels and be smart about your intake of bad fats

Avoid lathering your face with makeup: don't be fooled, lathering your already sore and red face with makeup will not only NOT hide the acne, it'll generally intensify the acne itself. Opt for minimal makeup where you can. If you HAVE to wear makeup, remember to properly clean and wash your face when you're able to.

Get sleep: wait..I thought this would definitely have a product involved! Nope. Lack of sleep, can cause your hormones to go crazy. Crazy hormones only contribute to your sore and blotchy face.

You can have all the products that the market says you MUST HAVE but at the end of the day, helping to fight the cause of the problem and not just the problem itself is your ticket to a clean, more confident boosting face.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome to 2012

2011 The Year of the Shoestring Budget

  • 2011 was a year of sacrifices and tough decisions
  • 2011 brought with it an engagement ring and a very happy rest of the year
  • 2011 tested my patience and strength as a person
  • I got a puppy.....and a lot less sleep...
  • Our family welcomed new additions (we didn't have a baby) our relatives did
  • I sold my favorite car, and was sold a not so great car in
  • We had to say goodbye to our friends and family and move away for work related reasons
  • We turned a year older
  • I began a blog and YouTube channel

2012 The Year of Positivity
  • 2012 will be the year of investment. Time wise, money and of course Beauty and Health
  • 2012 will bring with it more positivity and commitment to succeed
  • 2012 will be a year of family 
  • 2012 I will turn a year older
  • 2012 I will finish another year of my studies
  • 2012 My puppy will turn 1 year goes so quick!
  • 2012 I will save and buy a new car (new to me, not brand new)

As I will be traveling for the next few days I won't really have the opportunity to blog all that much from my car so I wanted to leave you guys with a few interesting points about what is coming up in the Skinny Budget for 2012

- Firstly, I am hoping to keep a consistent link between my YouTube channel for you all and this post. I went into this with yesterday's blog but I wanted to cap on it a little. The reason I have a YouTube channel is so I can make it easier to show/ teach you all how to make super yummy/ nutritious recipes in the comfort of your own home. You don't have to have skills that rival Jamie Oliver either. All my videos will be easy to follow :)

- As I am doing a lot of traveling in the next coming days, I wanted my first giveaway competition to be inclusive of travel options for makeup. I do have a post about this on the side bar, should you want to check it out more. Basically I will be doing a competition linked to Skinny Budgets Facebook page and twitter. Make sure you click the follow button on this blog so you don't miss out on more details.

- I will be getting a new camera soon. A fancy pants one that will hopefully deliver great quality photos/ videos to you all (at the moment, I only have my webcam to work with...not great).

There are heaps more but I don't want to give it all away. If you want to leave comments, remember I'd love to hear from you all. I do check my Skinny Budget Facebook and Twitter account daily.

Until next time,


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