Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wish List Wednesday

WISH LIST WEDNESDAY!! I felt it...and I just went for it, powerful stuff.

ASOS. If you are not aware of them go to their site here (Australian link) and become aware. Three words: great fashion online. The prices are reasonable and there always seems to be a sale happening, and what I really love is that they cover mens fashion also. It's not just clothes either, I know when a lot of people here the word 'fashion' our mind targets clothes but ASOS also cover accessories (so many bags on there I could add to here) and shoes, which at the moment they are currently having a 40% sale on.

If you're like me and you LOVE shopping and even more so you LOVE getting a good deal then do check out ASOS, quality at an affordable price is always a win in my opinion.

Below is a little collection I have put together

I am definitely influenced at the moment by the warmer days that have burdened my a/c with the task of cooling me down 24/7, for now it's all about loose dresses, that don't add unnecessary lumps and bumps to my frame, flat shoes for comfort with a kick of style and leopard prints..which when done subtly ladies look amazing.

You may see a hint of winter in my wishlist with the ASOS trench coat, I'm moving soon and with that brings a very different weather so I am starting early and looking at what's comfy, affordable and of course Stylish.

For those of you who don't know, I wear glasses everyday. Sure, I could choose not to, but than I would also be inadvertently choosing to walk into the fridge or a wall. I don't like to think I am held back by my glasses and ASOS gives some great options for those of us who wear glasses (be they, sunglasses or vision assistance)

Below are my 3 favorites at the moment. Once again leopard print has crept it's way in.

Pieces Fancy Catseye Glasses (retailed from $20.28 with free shipping!)

 Pieces Hannah Clear Glasses (retailed $23.66 with free shipping!)

Jeepers Peepers Grace Sunglasses (retailed $27.04 with free shipping)
Well I think my wishlist is definetley big enough for one day haha. What's on your wishlist? Feel free to comment below and let me know.
Be sure to check back in tomorrow :)


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