Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wear Me Thin

Clothing to me, needs to posses 3 qualities:
  1. Quality Workmanship: this makes it worth the money you spend on it, even if it may be a little extra at the time.
  2. Comfort: No matter what style is 'happening' at a certain time, comfort to me comes first. I have suffered trying to wear high heels that caused me agony, it's not fun, and it makes you look ridiculous. As does a shirt far too tight or a dress far too loose.
  3. General Affordability: This links back to Quality workmanship. Just because something is expensive, doesn't automatically place it in the 'good quality' area. Why is it expensive? Don't be ripped off, check around for sales and do some research. It could save you hundreds.
I started on a quest; to find affordable clothing that you're not going to have to replace (and therefore costing you more money) on a regular basis. 

I came across two more companies/ online stores to add to my list, you can check out my ASOS love in the blog tab section.

The first is HauteLook which is a members only website that offers 'limited time' deals to their members (it's easy and free to join) I have to say I do love a bargain, especially when it is ACTUALLY a bargain and not just a clever scheme from a store, to get you interested but just as quickly disappointed.

Below is some of my wish list items. If you're not familiar with my 'wishlist' Wednesdays, basically I compile images such as the ones below which show my favorite things at the moment, it is NOT me asking for people to buy them.

The second store/website that I came across was Forever 21 which I heard about through a lot of YouTube haul videos/ fashion blogs. The great thing about Forever 21 is the range of clothes and the layout of the website.

The price categories are sorted and easily accessible, where you can click an amount ($5,$10,$15 etc) and it will only show those value items. Not exactly revolutionary as most sites do this, but the layout of Forever 21 seems very simple to use.

Check below at these great priced items on my wish list.

There seems to always be some sort of sale on, it's just a matter of where to look and when.

If you've been enjoying my Wish list Wednesdays be sure to keep following my Skinny Budget blog, as there is PLENTY of deals I want to share with you all in coming weeks. Also, if there is any suggestions that you may have for the blog or something in particular feel free to comment below.

Until next time

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