Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I remember being about 7 and wondering what I would look like when I was an adult. Would I be really tall? Would I be as beautiful as the women on T.V? Would I have really white teeth and perfect eyebrows like the women I saw in my mums magazines?

In the eyes of 7 year old me, outside beauty defined everyone. My mum always told me to look deeper than a persons makeup to see who they really were, but as I grew up I noticed people still were defining a person purely on their outside appearance. I was bullied a few times during my schooling, nothing too substantial but the repetition of the insults did bother me.

- My arms were too hairy
- I was too skinny
- Then I was chubby
- I had a big nose
- I was too quiet

To top off those *sarcastic voice* wonderfully intelligent insults I also had the pleasure of having braces and headgear, though I only had to wear my headgear at night (YAY)

For the first few weeks I was miserable, not just because of the pain I was feeling in my teeth but also the negative thoughts I had let myself plant about the upcoming bullying.

I think only ONE person called me 'train tracks' because of my braces and I remember thinking at the time "what an idiotic thing to say." I got braces to fix my teeth, not to add an accessory to my face.

Regarding facial accessories, I never wore glasses until I was 18, and only when I was prescribed them full time did I realize just how much I really couldn't see before then. I love having my glasses, they give the ability of sight. Of course they do frustrate me at times, but all in all I'm fine with having them.

Once I had left school and those really awkward couple of years behind me, I absolutely had no idea what to do next. There are always those people in life that have it all worked out, and I would always compare myself to them and the progress they were making on their own life.

Soon enough though I came to meet a lot of different people in my life, people who were extremely religious, people who would scoff at even the word religion, people would tell me I looked great the way I was and people who would 'kindly' give me suggestions on what I could 'fix'.

The point is you will always meet people who have different opinions, and a lot of people will be very passionate about their opinions. What another person defines as beauty doesn't have to be the same as your scope of beauty. True beauty is what defines you, not the shallowness of others opinions.

I know that other peoples opinions exist of me that may be far less than positive and beyond my control but whether or not they affect me is entirely up to me.

Be you to the best you possibly can

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