Thursday, December 15, 2011

Skinny Budget

I'm on a ' skinny' budget at the moment.

I don't actually mind that much at all, I enjoy getting a bargain or a good deal and sometimes when there's no budget set and you find yourself in 'that moment' where you NEED 'THAT' ITEM no second thought whatsoever is given to anything else.

So a skinny budget forces you to REALLY think about whether your NEED item is really a WANT and whether it would complete your wardrobe or just sit there and never get worn.

I categorize my budget into three areas

- Under budget
-Within budget
- Splurge

Also it doesn't matter if your as tall and narrow as a tree, as petite as a mouse or as cuddly as a koala (yes, I'm Australian) when looking for clothes, make sure you are opting to ENHANCE and FLATTER YOUR figure, don't buy clothes that are great for completely different body shapes and make you look, or even worse, FEEL horrible.

Check below on a list I have compiled of things I have daydreamed about on my skinny budget:

UNDER BUDGET ($20 & under)
Target: GRAZIA Zip Jeans $20.00

WITHIN BUDGET ($20 - $50)

Target: Hot Options Pocket Linen Shorts $24.50

Yes, I like Target. I don't think I know anyone that doesn't, so if you don't post a comment below. I love these shorts for their comfort mainly. They're cost effective for the price as they are comfortable and a quality short.

Jessica Simpson Jean, Kiss Me Skinny $40.60

 I am a handbag addict. Phew, that was getting heavy on my chest. So the healthiest thing I have found to curb my handbag-buying habit, was to have children haha I'm kidding of course. Though ever since having my daughter I can't reason with myself anymore on spending more than $50 on a handbag.

SPLURGE($50 +)

ASOS: A/Wear Angora Dipped Hem Cardigan $50.75

Where I live at the moment there is no need to spend $50 on a cardigan but as noted, I am moving soon to a much colder climate so an investment in a good quality cardigan like the Angora would be a wise investment.

Endless Wardrobe :Jump High $69.00

I love the comfort of being able to put a jumpsuit on, I'm not sure if it's just me but they seem really comfortable and I always feel very relaxed wearing them.

ASOS Cable Cardigan With Faux Fur Collar $76.05

I am not a huge fan of fur whether it be real or not, but this cardigan looks SO incredibly comfy and warm I thought this one would be the exception. I don't think I'll be rushing out to buy a $70 anything for my closet right now but there's always sales to be had.

So there you have it. Whether you make $6 dollars an hour or $600, being money smart NEVER hurt anyone. Not only could you possibly end up with MORE money to put towards your wardrobe, if you do buy effectively for your wardrobe everything in there will flow and as a result be much more versatile.

 If you have the time please let me know what you think of the new face lift I gave my blog xx

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