Thursday, December 29, 2011

Organic Makeup

Whether we are lathering it up with tan in a can or lightning it with a foundation, our skin takes a beating with its constant subjection to foreign materials. This got me curious as to what exactly ARE we putting on our skin. I know I am not the only one who has been curious of this, after all the cosmetic industry is riddled with organic makeup companies who are making a 'healthy' profit off of consumers looking to go organic.

Whether its the eye cream we are trusting not to blind us or the eyeliner we are allowing to venture the closest to our eye we would generally let a sharp object, we put a lot of faith into cosmetic companies NOT to be placing harmful ingredients into our products.

So what of Organic Makeup? What truly makes it any different? Well allow me to put on my best Sherlock Holmes thinking cap, and venture into the world of organic makeup vs what the majority of us have at this very moment in our makeup collection.

I will endevour to find out what makes Organic Makeup better for our skin and just how organic can be buy on the market at this point? Interested? For your skins sake, I urge you to follow my blog as I discover the benefits (including those to our wallet) of going organic.

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