Friday, December 16, 2011


I thought i'd be hip and try to listen to music whilst writing this post, but I accidentally starting writing out the lyrics to the song I was listening is now off, brain is now on.

When you are wanting to save, whether it be for a house, a new car or even a new gadget, there are two words that should be a must to think about: Realistic Expectations.

If you make a budget that isn't realistic to your situation, you have immediately set yourself up to fail. When your bank account is sitting a $0 or under every month you need to track your EVERY spend (even if it's over $0 you should still do this)

Not including things that you know you spend money on, such as a monthly subscription to a magazine or that morning coffee, may not seem like it will hinder your financial progress but those little spending's are riddled in people's lives and they need to be included.

I'm absolutely passionate about trying to help people where I can, and whether or not you have $0 in your bank account at the end of every month or whether you have $1,000 I believe it's in your best interest to draw yourself up a budget.

How? Let me know in the comments below if you would like me to attach an excel spreadsheet template for you all to track your expenses/ income (it'd be something you saved to your computer so no one else would see it.)

That's really what I do:

  • I just make a spreadsheet in excel, 
  • Map out my family income for that month, 
  • Map out ALL our expenses from fuel for the week to the internet and home phone bill
  • Include the amount for each and every bill and see what is left in the savings.
From this you get to see what months would be more tight than others and you can see what you can ACTUALLY afford to pay off without the USE (notice i didn't type need) of a loan. 

If you found this interesting let me know, I'm sorry to bombard with 'comment below' type things, but I work off people's interests to the blog etc.

Until next time

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