Saturday, December 10, 2011

Man Makeover

I filmed/ edited a new video for my YouTube channel today called 2 Minute Makeover.

My Fiancee Luke has been asking me for a little while now...possibly cut his hair. I remember the very first time (almost 4 years ago) that he asked me to cut it..I was TERRIFIED, sure I did it, but I don't really remember breathing much while I was doing it.

I had only ever cut my mum or sisters hair and that wasn't all that often...I'd like to think I was alright at it, but then again they didn't ask me all that much to do it.

I also used to dye Luke's hair blonde, every few months so x that by 3.8 years and I am now, a lot more comfortable cutting/dyeing hair...I actually miss it sometimes, but only when duty calls do I pick up the scissors, comb and spray bottle and make my way through the locks of a willing victim.

I try to be a professional, nimble, hair ninja, one with the scissors and comb...but along my journey to such status I have learnt a few things, that aren't so.... professional

1) It is really handy to rest the comb you are using on the top of a persons head when cutting their hair, NOT professional, but VERY handy.

2) If the person whose hair you are cutting has a mole on their head, try to remember where said mole is and not keep brushing it accidentally.

3) Wind in someones hair can look great, sexy even...when the hair is STILL ATTACHED TO THE PERSON'S HEAD!! Having your top saturated in tiny little pieces of hair is not so great.

So whilst I went to work cutting his hair, I also put my camera to use and filmed a tiny bit of the adventure to share here with you.

If you want to watch the video of the Man Makeover just click here

The great thing about Luke is he isn't all that fussed with his hair, and always makes me feel assured with "it's just hair, and we can just shave it off if you mess it up." Confidence at this point is at an all time high

Below is the transformation. I can't speak for you, but I love it!!!

Lily also decided to join in on the makeover craze and came transformed as a witch, complete with rambles and a waving of her wand.

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