Monday, December 26, 2011

Make-Up Storage Ideas

5 Great Reasons To Have Your Make-Up Organized

  • It saves you from re purchasing items you'd originally thought
  • Avoid a meltdown when you can't find a favorite lipstick, blush, bronze etc.
  • It's practical (duh). Not only does it look great but it's useful to!
  • When it's all neat and organized, you then have that little extra time to take care and READ EXPIRATION dates on products you may have been using but really shouldn't have 
  • You will know what you already have, and what you need. Money saver!!

The DIY Guru: $0 - 25

- Use boxes, plastic containers, sentimental items you may own but have no use for (favorite tea cup or saucer) & fix yourself up a DIY. Or purchase travel make up cases (small or large) to have all your makeup conveniently in one place (see below images)

         A)                         B)                                    C)          

Example: Beauty box subscriptions boxes, can be recycled to store powders, nail polish, lip sticks/ glosses etc. 

The Neat Freak: $26 - 50

- Incorporating what you may already have and love with new complimenting pieces. Pick a colour scheme or a material (e.g plastic, wood, stainless steel) to make your whole make up storage area seamlessly blend.

Example: Add complimenting pieces to your existing items. Stationary stores are great to get neat little pieces from or just some inspiration. You could then visit Target, Kmart, Big W or even your local dollar store and get those looks for less.

Star Quality: $51 - 100

This option is great if you have the budget (which not all of us do) and you are wanting to completely revamp or just vamp your make up collection area. 

Example: Buying a second hand vanity table would not only save you A LOT of money, but you can then customize it to your liking. Think; spray painting it to match your room, adding new knobs onto the draws etc. Your time and work would be a worthy investment.

And there you have it, if you want to let me know how you store your make-up then please comment below, I read every single one :)

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Until next time,

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