Monday, December 12, 2011

Make-Up Mondays

To kick off our first Make-Up Monday, I thought I would give you a little bit of insight into the products that I currently own. CURRENTLY being the operative word. At the moment, I am on a REALLY 'CAN'T BREATH BECAUSE IT'S SO TIGHT' budget. You know that kind.

I haven't reviewed lipsticks in this Make-Up Monday special as I don't often wear lipsticks and if I do it's 1 of four colours which I am going to cover next week, but I did do a little video today that you can watch here of my basic makeup/ hair do (must note, no lipstick application was made)

So here are my products, that although affordable some still do come at a price. If you use similar ones or even have suggestions don't forget to comment below :)

Okay so the first thing isn't my makeup BUT it is my makeup bag and if you are vigilant you'd notice it has the word makeup in it, so that of course gives it a free pass onto this post.

Now for the contents:

That's the basics for this Make-Up Monday, remember to check out tomorrow's blog for some tastiness and fun in the kitchen

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