Saturday, December 24, 2011

How to look Sexy, Not Trashy!

Modern Bombshell: On a Budget

Think Marilyn Monroe, Bridget Bardot, Jane Russell..

Apparently Bombshells have much more fun than the rest of us...Is it their luring look of innocence through sheer confidence of their sexuality? I absolutely have no idea but whether you're young or old, Brunette or Blonde, you too could be a bombshell for a day, should you wish.

Keep reading for more tips!

Basic Bombshell Wardrobe Essentials

The Pencil Skirt:

Animal Print Pencil Skirt in Ponte: $33.80 ASOS 
Red Pearl Pencil Skirt: $40.56 ASOS 

Leopard Print $59.50 Victoria's Secret

 Leopard Print, Sequins, Satin and Pink work fantastic with pencil skirts in a 
Bombshells Wardrobe.

Fitted Jacket: 

Vero Moda Cropped Tailored Jacket: $46.48 (currently on sale) ASOS

Warehouse Sequin Jacket: $82.81 (currently on sale) ASOS

Barney's Original Fake Leopard Jacket: $86.19 (currently on sale) ASOS

Think Leopard Print, Sequins, and Fake Fur. These will rock your fitted jacket for your bombshell look.

Knitted Tops (snug fit): 

Metallic Shell Top: $35.49 (currently on sale) ASOS

Amy Winehouse By Fred Perry Knitted Silk Top: $87.88 ASOS

Once again, satins and sequins would complete your bombshell wardrobe. Also think black and bold colours.

Waist Coats:

Vero Moda Lace Waist Coat: $20.28 (currently on sale) ASOS

Sheer Sexy Waist Coat: $50.70 ASOS

Although buxom blonde's seemed to reign supreme with the bombshell title, it was brunette beauties such as Jane Russell who helped cement brunettes place in the spotlight. 
You can rock the Bombshell look whether you are a woman of curves or not, though the look is generally for those with a little curve, confidence is the key overall.

Taking the Bombshell look into the night:

 High Heels:

 A bold colour such as red or a feminine pink will compliment this look. Black is also, still as sexy as ever in a peep toe or a pump. 


A gold/ or bronzed sequined or just plain gold clutch will look phenomenal with your ensemble. Here are two options from ASOS (who knew I would love ASOS this much)

Metallic Portfolio Clutch: $21.97 (currently on sale) ASOS

Suzy Smith Party Sequin Clutch Bag: $25.35 ASOS

Love those curves:

It's important that your clothes compliment your body, hugging in just the right places and accentuating just the right curves. Make sure your bum is firmly kept in place for maximum wow factor with a flattering dress or undergarment. 

Need more?

Cleavage in Lacy Lingerie:

Showing off just the right amount of sexiness is the key, you don't want everything on display in a distasteful way. It's all about empowering yourself through self confidence and love. Love your body, love the curves it provides you and work them to all their glory. 
Whether you need a little assistance in the cleavage area with chicken fillets or not, work that bust in some sexy lingerie. If anything, it'll give you more confidence to be the Bombshell you were born to rock.

If you'd like to see a makeup tutorial Bombshell Inspired look, just leave a comment below x


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