Thursday, December 29, 2011

How to Actually Save from a Sale

Here Are My Top Five Quick Tips 
(I follow these myself) to get you styling without getting you broke. 

Shop Around!
  I couldn't encourage this more. Bargains are always available, and although it's more of a right place, right time concept if you shop around, you will generally find better bargains at more convenient locations. Don't limit yourself to only online shopping or store shopping. Mixing the two up will increase your chance of finding a perfect sale.

Know your shape, not necessarily size.
  In some tops I am a size 8 (AU), others I am a 10 and every now and then I will get a top that I am a 6 in. I don't necessarily go by sizing as I do my body shape.When you have the option, try on clothes in store. Take a size smaller and larger in with you to the rooms so you have all the options right at your finger tips.

Dress for YOUR shape.
  I have seen a few hundred celebs that I would love to steal their stylists from and keep as my own, but rarely is there one that has a similar body shape to me. Make your choices compliment YOU not someone else, incorporate YOUR body features into your choice, whether they be:
- broad/narrow shoulders
-small/fuller waist
-large/small hips
- large/small bottom
- large bust/ small bust

Knowledge is Power.
   Knowing whether or not the piece you are about to purchase will compliment your wardrobe or just clutter it, is great knowledge to have. In the long term this will save you hundreds (possibly thousands) of dollars, by investing in the pieces that count towards benefiting your wardrobe and avoiding the pieces that don't. Even if you need to write down the essentials you need or complimentary pieces you want, a reference list will assist you in keeping more $$$ in your wallet.

Make the discount really count!
  Two words: Impulse Buying. It happens to the best of us, and unfortunately it happens too often. We save money with a great bargain (or 5) are on our way to the counter and see something we impulsively want. This is what keeps our bank account from going up. Make the savings that you are getting off things you want count towards something even greater. A new car or house deposit maybe?

I hope this has been helpful to at least one person reading. Keep a look out for some products reviews coming very soon, on not only ladies products but Nivea Facial Products for Men too.

Until Next time,

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