Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Home Haircuts

The words 'home haircut' make me giggle. I'm sure it's because I am very immature and picture little kids walking away from their mothers with mullets or bowl haircuts. And while you could easily laugh at people with home haircuts (guilty) you yourself were probably subject to at least one home haircut in your time....also guilty *hangs head*

I have known for a while that my hair was in need of a haircut, not just a trim but an actual shedding of hair. I didn't exactly wake up this morning and think Yes! Today I will cut my hair! I don't like thinking about things like giving myself a haircut for too long. I didn't exactly have a spare wad of cash hanging around to go get an awesome haircut but what I did have was confidence/ power of being naive.

This was my hair before. The fish-face is to symbolize me saying goodbye to my orange locks/ that or to show off my lip gloss...I can't remember.

It took a little while to cut my hair, due to it being naturally curly and quite thick...that and I procrastinated about actually chopping my hair off for a while. With courage/ stupidity running through my veins I began sectioning my hair into layers, taking my time to determine what should be cut to where etc.

This is what 40 minutes resulted in:

Sorry for the dodgy photo (it's courtesy of my webcam) but you can clearly see my hair has been cut :)

So with that, my hair is now shorter, healthy looking and I am actually, honestly very happy with it. I must be off now, I'm on a caffeine high so as not to waste it I'm off to organise my office desk.

Until we meet again...


  1. You should trim my hair, as I don't have the naive confidence nor the skills that are necessary..

  2. I'd be happy to trim up your locks :)



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