Friday, December 16, 2011

Glossybox Products review: Novembers

Although it's December I have been waiting until I had trialled all 4 (yes, there was meant to be 5) items of my Glossybox for November before doing each individual product review. Click here to see the video I had uploaded of Glossybox on the day of receiving it.

DISCLAIMER: I am not affiliated in any way with Glossybox, this is just my opinion of the products that I have received. I do not get paid for these reviews.

Below from L to R are:  

Lily Loves Pearl - Facial Exfoliator: 

Love or Loath? I love this so much!! It's very delicate on the skin, and it really does leave your skin feeling so much more softer.

Would you purchase it? Definitely. It would be a little splurge for me, but well worth it.

Were you satisfied with the results? I was skeptical at first as to what I would see, but my skin does feel and look so much better after using this product.

9 /10 Price wise for me, it's a splurge but it's worth it.

Mirenesse - 3D Forever Gloss

 Love or Loath? I wasn't overly fussed, it was long lasting but I am not a fan of the colour I got

Would you purchase it? Most likely not. It's a 'lip plumping' gloss and I just found it too..glossy

Were you satisfied with the results? They were very average for me, I did allow it a few days of applying to see if maybe I had missed a result, but I didn't see any difference in my lips at all.

5.5 /10  A mixture of it being too glossy/thick and the colour not matching my skin tone at all. Maybe in another colour I would give it another go, but I wouldn't personally spend the $39.95 on it for myself.

Jurlique - Purely Age-Defying Ultra Firm & Lift Cream

Love or Loath? Love. It made my skin feel smooth and firmer. I didn't expect to see a substantial result but it did leave me feeling very refreshed, and it only requires a tiny amount which is great.

Would you purchase it? If I was older than yes. At the point/ age I am in my life right now, I don't even feel that 'early prevention' would be a good enough reason to buy it just yet.

Were you satisfied with the results?  From what I noticed, yes. I did feel that it had been beneficial to my skin, but it wasn't a substantial result on myself.

7 /10 More a right product, wrong time result. I will definitely refer back to it if I need to though.

Essie – Essie Nail Colour Summer Collection

 (The colour I received is highlighted in pink)

Love or Loath? Love. This was probably my favorite product of all. The staying power of this nail polish is amazing. I was fairly brutal with it too, but it stood it's ground (so to speak) and lasted for 1.5 weeks before finally flaking at the edges.

Would you purchase it? Yes! Although the most I have ever spent on a nail polish was $7, I would splurge and pay $18.95 for this for two reasons. It doesn't take much to apply so it will last you a while and the staying power is fantastic.

Were you satisfied with the results?  I couldn't have been happier...unless it was a different colour.

10 /10 Brilliant nail polish, the colour wouldn't have been something I would usually have gone with but it looked great and I got complimented on them so I'm pretty happy with that.

There you have it lovelies, my November 2011 Product Review. Keep an eye out, as I am expecting my December 2011 Glossybox soon.

Until next time


  1. Awesome Blog post :) i am hesitant to subscribe, but i think i might :) xx

  2. My advise would be to just try it once, there's been a lot of mixed reviews so I just took the leap and I don't regret it as I know there's the option to unsubscribe if I want :) thanks for reading xx



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