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Glossybox Products Review: December

Like most things in life, people will have mixed opinions on their Glossybox for December. Maybe for completely different reasons or maybe their reasons are exactly the same.

Nevertheless I thought I would introduce to you the Glossybox that I have received for December and the contents that were inside and my opinion on them all.

The package like the time before it (November) was beautifully wrapped...and pink still. I think I just assumed after seeing one Glossybox review on YouTube with a red box that we would all receive a red box instead of a pink...although this was not the case, I still love my pink box...that's just the girly girl in me I guess.

TIGI Hair Care:  Manipulator by Bed Head
$23.95/ 57 ml


Love or Loath?
  • Bed Head do advise it can be used on any hair length but I don't feel super confident putting a waxy/ pastey substance through my long hair as it's very temperamental so I am limited to the products I am able to put in it. 
  • Also the's like a cough syrup and I was never a good child who took their cough syrup willingly so that was also a put off. 
  • But my Fiancee has said that he will try it out for himself as he uses wax products for his own hair...
Would you purchase it? If my fiancee likes it that's great, but I am not at all keen on purchasing it for $23.95...when the sheer smell of it flashes back to my childhood of cough syrups and the flu...

Were you satisfied with the results? I have heard a lot of positive reviews for Bed Head products so I have no doubt that this product could help you achieve "whacked out hair: spike, twist, dreads or go funky" as it says on the packaging. For me personally though, I'm going to skip it.

4 /10 The Product paid for the Glossybox subscription, but I wouldn't have purchased it myself. If my Fiancee likes it then it hasn't been a total loss. The smell though is very off putting....

Gorgeous: Lip Pencils
$25 each

Love or Loath? Like it. I have never purchase a lip pencil before so I was excited to try this. The application was great, it's a very smooth and rich pencil, however the colour that I got was not so flattering on my lips. The product itself though seemed good.

Would you purchase it? Possibly, in a different colour. Maybe in a nude shade that would compliment my skin tone and other make up that I had on. 

Were you satisfied with the results? I was a little disappointed that the colour didn't compliment my skin tone as overall it was easy to apply and definitely prevented lipstick bleeds and fading.

6 /10 Price wise ($25) I am not sure I would purchase it, along with the colour that I received. However it did have a definite affect on making my lipstick that would normally bleed out or fade, stay for a lot longer.


Auscreen: Sunscreen Lotion
$7.49/ 125 ml

Love or Loath? Neither... It's sunscreen. I have tons of sunscreen in my bathroom basin. I don't particularly need more, so for me this was a miss. Keep in mind though I am reviewing the product and not the fact it came in the Glossybox. I think if I didn't already have a great sunscreen at home, I would make this my family's new go-to one.

Would you purchase it? It wasn't greasy, just like the packaging promises. It's broad spectrum UVA/ UVB as well as being 3 hours water resistant, so it definitely gives you some piece of mind wearing it. Though the sample size wasn't really enough to test it out all that much.

Were you satisfied with the results? I was very happy with the sunscreen, it's so nice when you apply sunscreen and it doesn't then spread to your hands and in turn making everything white and smeary.

9 /10 The price is reasonable, the product is good, application doesn't leave your hands feeling gunky and oily like most sunscreens but I would rather have tested a body lotion than a body sunscreen purely on the basis that I already have really good sunscreen at home.

Sally Hansen: Diamond Strength Diamond Shine Base & Top Coat $16.45/ 13.3 ml
Love or Loath? LOVE! I have been growing my nails out from the terrible state in which I had put them since the start of this month. Now that they are long, they were looking a little...bland. This Base & Top Coat gives them such a healthy looking shine and makes them feel a lot stronger.

Would you purchase it? I have never paid a lot of money for my nail polish but I would definitely think of purchasing this or recommending this product for people who don't necessarily like wearing nail polish but want to protect and strengthen their nails.

Were you satisfied with the results? I am very happy with my nails now. Prior to the application they were looking really dull and somewhat in need of care but now they look healthy and feel just a little bit stronger.

10 /10 Although you are paying just under $17.00 for this product, I think it is one of those investment items that would benefit you if you're nails are weak and brittle. Or you're nail polish always flakes off. The fact that it states: it sets polish for 10 days and creates stronger nails instantly is enough for me.

John Frieda- Frizz-Ease Secret Weapon Flawless Finishing Creme
$16.99/ 113 g

 Love or Loath? Love. Love and more Love. This is one of those items that cements in my mind a beauty subscription can open your eyes to new products that are affordable and work wonders for you personally.

  • Firstly the purpose of the product is on par with what I am in need of: Frizz control. My hair is thick and curly so this product is perfect for me right now. 
  • Secondly..the smell is divine, it smells refreshing.

Would you purchase it? Yes. I am always on a budget which means I am always on the lookout for items that are worth their price. This to me is worth it if you are searching for good haircare at a reasonable price.

Were you satisfied with the results? Very. I had attempted the trend Ombre on my hair a few months ago...and that didn't end so well (see haircut blog) and it left my hair feeling and looking awful.

I don't think that everyone will experience the same results as what I did, but for me personally it is my little 'miracle creme.' I can also use it sparingly as at the moment I generally have my hair up for 3 out of 7 days.

10 /10  It's reasonably priced for what it achieves, which is what I think more products need to be. It definitely will be my not-so-secret now secret to healthy, shiny, frizz free hair.

And there you have it lovelies, my December 2011 Product Review for Glossybox.

Interested in what I received in Novembers Glossybox? Just click here

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask :)

Until next time


  1. Got mine today (will put a post up later). Not happy with what I got.
    I put in my Beauty profile that I am interested in make-up and only got one make-up product. And I got THREE hair products and a Clinique moisturiser that is not suitable for my skin type.

    $124 MAC Giveaway on my blog!

  2. Hey Jaci, thanks heaps for your comment.

    There have been a few people that are not happy with their Dec box that I know of. I wasn't a fan of sunscreen being in there.

    Your blog is great :)

  3. I was really disappointed with my box...

    I was expecting a nail polish and instead got a 1.2ml perfume sample that you can get for free from Myer :(

  4. I would have been disappointed too. It's hard to know which beauty box is the 'right' subscription as some months they're brilliant and other days you question paying the 14.95.

    Thanks for your comment :) My new post today covers the Battle of the Beauty boxes if you're interested

  5. Put up my post here

    Hope you can check it out and comment. There's 5 beauty boxes already and I'm trying to decided which one to join when I cancel GB.



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